From Zero to Hero...

Hello everyone…Im fairly new to this site but not fighting games, I have a deep passion for them and I wanna know how to i go from zero to hero, Basically how do I get my name out there because I feel my makoto in SSF4 can take on alot of people I just need to prove it, Any suggestions or ideas would be deeply appreciated

Go to tournaments. Win tournaments.

Simple…yet effective.

Very true but i didnt know about this site till recently and I never knew how to find tournaments in my area and now im not in ny and there is a tournament. right now im in wisconsin so yea… thats a dead deal lol

Regional Matchmaking part of the site.

Not really…

To get your name out there, you just have to win a lot until your known. It’s possible but much harder to do online, just go to some tournament and win.

A funny story, I added a person from a top leader boards and he asked me if I already played matches with him. The thing was there were some weirdos who wanted to just have a lot of matches with him, often provoking him so that he would gladly play them and rip them a new one so hard it became beyond repair. But oddly enough even if they lose and never got better they just wanted to keep playing a good player and no one else.

Though you say you know a lot about this game, why not just blog something or give an example.

Thank you all for your advice but two up I wouldnt even know where to start, I dont wanna step on any toes or say the wrong thing and I dont wanna just fight some top dude over and over, I wanna work from the bottom and prove my worth(Thanks geese pants for the link)

Honestly, try to go to local tournaments and play casuals with pros and overall good players…ask them how you did, what you could change, etc…some are dicks, but most would tell you how to improve and what moves you’re using that make you predictable etc…

P.S. Check out , they do weekly updates on local events, check if your state is mentioned.

Thanks RedVega, Yea I have asked pros and they shooo me off like im some bug nor would they even pick up the stick to fight me because I wanted to learn but Ill check I know aot of people hate fighting games for the xbox due to the controller so I also feel like im at a disadvantage cuz I dont own a ps3

One of my boys went to Guard Crush (in Brooklyn) last week (he got his ass whooped by some nasty ass Yun) but he definitely left as a better player than before just by watching them and playing casuals with some of the more nicer individuals

If I was in nyc i know id have a better shot at learning and training but until then I guess ill make a post for sparring partners

I’d probably go to them except for the fact they are always in a different city, country or state and isn’t a regular event you could except to come but something that is made on the fly.

Online, I do notice lots of Australian tournaments or Japan of course. I think more then half of them are just made by random people meeting in person and betting.

where would u say has the most tournaments or most people competing?

In Wisc? Milwaukee. In US? California.

And, really. Don’t got to EventHubs. I went there just to post a little Yang guide (basically the combo thread+a section about pokes) and god damn people are retarded.

When I referred him to eventhubs I was just talking about the main page…not the forums lol

I thought it’s worth quoting that particular point for a shitload of emphasis.

If you can make it out to Wausau next weekend, there’s a tournament being held at the anime convention, Wausaubicon. I know this because I was going to go to the con, then I decided not to, and now I wish I could. Not sure how big it’ll be, but might be worth checking out if you don’t want to go too far out of the way.