Front page holds my browser hostage

When I load up SRK the frontpage will seize up until the page is fully loaded. I’m using chrome. I’m almost 100% positive this isn’t a PC issue because my PC is a beast

This happens to me too, I try to refrain from even coming to this site anymore because of it. I better be ready to give up a minute or two of my life for this shit to load. Seems like this is just a Chrome issue because it’s not so bad on Firefox, but I wont be loading up Firefox just to visit SRK.

When I use Opera on my tablet I get a similar effect.

This also happens for me when i use Chrome. I notice that the memory usuage for Chrome also skyrockets while its holding my browser hostage

Why not open this site in Firefox then?

Because firefox is ass on every site and more ass the longer you leave it running.

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This also happens to me and i use Internet explorer.

If i click on a link to change page within about a 10 second period from intial loadup it’ll be okay but if i take longer it’ll freeze and i’ll have to wait for several minutes.

I found the culprit, its the complex media bar

We’re aware of the issue and are working on it.

any ETA on a fix because its really REALLY irritating right now. I’ll buy some shirts if you fix it!

Yeah, I avoid the front page at all costs now. Would love to see it fixed soon.

We had some caching issues, but the problem should be gone now since we fixed them. If you’re still experiencing the issue, please let me know your OS and browser so I can try to replicate. Also tried deleting your cookies and cache in case the new code isn’t loading on your machine.

It’s still severely laggy for me.

I’m having the same problem too. I’m using IE8 with the latest updates on XP pro and my computer is beefy CPU/RAM wise. If I try to do anything before the page is fully loaded it gives me a message that a running script is in danger of slowing my computer until it is unresponsive. The thing is even if I click to not allow the script to run it still locks up and I have to close the page and wait for the ‘page is not responding’ message. I right clicked on wakeupSRK and opened it in a new window before the main screen locked up and that screen was okay but indeed the main page locked up. Pretty wierd.

Edit…it is even doing it if I sit and let the whole page load. If I right click on a story fast enough I can open an individual article in a separate window and I have no problems viewing the article and comments, but right now the front page is not usable for me.

Sounds like you need to get a better browser.

Well this browser works flawlessly for every single other site I visit on the web so I’m pretty sure that IE8 is not the issue, but thank you for your thoughts on the matter.

Still a problem.

Windows 7
Chrome 13.0.782.220 m

I’m almost 100% positive its the complex media bar. Any other site I go to that has it gives me the exact same issue

I am having the exact same issue as Jakelin. I run Windows 7 64 IE 8. I have tried it with no addons and reset all browser settings/cleared cache/cookies. This is definately a site issue. I have had it for over a week and it made me change my home page away from SRK.

I’m having the same issue except it’s happening on every page I view on this website, it wasn’t always like this for me though. For some reason the site works flawlessly when i’m on an ipod but I much prefer using my computer o_O