Front page thinks I'm logged in as another user

So on the top bar on the front page, where it usually shows my icon and shows my username, it shows another users’. Specifically JohnGrimm’s. I happen to know that dude from IRC, so I’m sure he hasn’t used this computer before (he’s in Vegas, I’m in North Carolina). His info remains at the top even when I refresh the page, load it in a new browser, etc.

When I click on his name though, it just takes me to my profile. Anyone else experiencing something like this?

Oh cool, now I’m VCFan1001.

Same glitch is happening for me. Same name as well. Probably universal.

i think it shows the name of whoever posted the last message for that article.

Yep. On the frontpage, it says that I am “sumoslamman”.

I get SumoSlamMan as well

I was getting about 6 different ones in the past 2 days. Only happens on the front page for me though.

Apparently, I’m J-Goz on the front page.

ive got merely “defaultcamera”

im also unable to comment on any front page articles. been like that for about a week now.

maybe we’re getting hacked by SRK members?


What a colorful name.

I was TurdBurglar just now.

today Im TrollThisSRK

I’m noticing the same thing.

Front page article for
Shows me as “NotSoWiseMan”.

Other articles don’t show the top bar at all :eek:

darkeva93 is who i am today…lol

Me too. o_O

any fix sometimes I cant even post cuz it wont let me login WTF!!!???

I’m apparently IamtheJuri

Front page says I’m denshuu. but I’m not denshuu, at least not that I know of.

The front page doesn’t even know I’m there.