is that how you spell his name i dunno. but i met this him at vga in towson and he is really good with guile in marvel. pm me.

towson?! woah… an md person… lol… i guess this is useless since i suck and dont really know ppl at towson (but the regulars there r SICK compared to ppl at other arcades i’ve seen) but i know a couple guys there so mayb ill ask around…

[edit]: o wait, vga… do u know if he plays at the arcade often? cuz ive never gone into the vga… and im thinking my reply is completely pointless :lol:

sweet dude

you are probaly seeing pete, issac, and maybe froody; they are sick too they own me if you want to meet up sometime at my house or at towson that would be cool. i play cvs2 ST and marvel and casually play all the rest, anyway pm me or post here if you want to meet up sometime

in all honestly- i blow at all fighting games :frowning: i just am ridiculously in love with them, and have been since i got street fighter 2 turbo for snes way back when… i mostly play mvc2 cuz thats everywhere… i sometimes play cvs, or svc: chaos, and have practically no experience with cvs 2… u ever go up to white marsh? i used to hang out there a lot with my friends (most of who i met there) and cuz i used to play ddr there a lot… anywayz i just got back from towson, so mayb we can meet up sometime in the future