Frostbite: (Iceman, Storm, Sent)

Discussion about this team.

So far what I’ve found is that combo wise, Iceman doesn’t really add to the team that much. Example, (fast fly combo with sent, RK (launch), sj. lk, lp, fly, f. lk + iceman, hp, lp RP) doesn’t do very much damage at all. However, what he does do is impart a tremendous amount of chip damage if he hits with an icebeam.

Also, what’s the order to play this team in, Iceman, Storm, Sent?

And I’m also assuming that the best assist to use are Iceman - Gamma, Storm - Proj., Sent - Proj.


sorry for late reply. Frostbite is the team that I use and well it does have quite a bit of potential. Well that’s my fav team and the order is as the one that u listed. But I don’t use storms proj assist. I use variety. U might think that I’m crazy but I like this assist for iceman so I can do a chip trap with iceman and storm. It isn’t flawless but if u only do this for like about two or three reps, then a some more reps later on during the match u won’t give them enough time to figure how to get out of it. Provides safe chip and annoys the hell out of ur opponnent.

This is what I do:

  • call storms variety assist, immediately superjump with iceman, d+hp, hk or lk avalanche depending on their position, followed by lp icebeam.
    The point to this trap is keep away and chip all the while giving u time on what ur next attack is going to be. This works good against sent. even if sent has capcom u can still do this but u just have to be a little safer and smarter, just let him call his commando assist first. get him to back off with a lp or hp icebeam then proceed.

Usually I do a icebeam to get them to back off since u would want them to be as far away as possible when starting this trap. I superjump so that I won’t give away that I called out storms assist and since her assist has a delay before actually starting this sets it up perfectly. the purpose of doing the d+hp( little ice ball) is so that they have something to block if they try to chase u. Then immediately cancel to hk or lk avalanche. They now have to block another big ball. right as the avalanche is being released, storms assist should be coming in. they r now stuck blocking the typhoon since the avalanche leaves them in block stun long enough for the typhoon to start chipping. In some cases the typhoon hits them cause they think that it is safe after blocking the avalanche. If they block the typhoon then u just icebeam and get chip dammage from typhoon assist and icebeam. continue trap for bout one or two more reps. This also works with sent drones and blackheart aaa.

Iceman has a fast dash so I’m not afraid to rush that shit down either. Even against magneto players. I did pretty well with iceman at regionals, vegita x even gave me props. Of course ur not going to rush in thinking that ur going to own mags but u gotta do it smart. Mags will fly around in the air to try to bait u into using icebeam so he can rom ur ass but u gotta know how to chip safely. I like to call out sent droned and repeatedly dash back and forth like crazy so mags can’t get a clear shot at me. he then gets hit by drones by trying to attack me or by me just crossing him up with drones, which leads to of course: launch, magic series, hk avalanchexxartic attack. Takes off a lot of damage, then dhc into hail storm. Bet he never saw so much ice in his life. This is why I gave my team the name FROSTBITE!

I can still chip mags, storm, sent , even cable with iceman, but u just have to know when. Of course u have to be careful with cable since one mistake= 3-4 ahvb and dead iceman. I can chip sent easier since I can force him to block drones then lp icebeam. sent tries to fly or superjump, i then dash foward a little and do hp icebeam. Its not cheap since iceman can’t do 2-5 artic attacks like cable can. I know that ur going to say that sent will be flying around and how am I going to get him grounded. Well this is where the iceman and storm trap comes in. If u do it right and adjust it a little u should be able to chip sent or frustrate him enough to hit him with a icebeam which knocks him out of flight mode.

storm will try to typhoonxxhailstorm iceman when he does icebeam or just to kill my assists, but ur forgetting that iceman can knock her out of hail storm too. He has two ways of doing this:

  1. if she hasn’t already gotten the super screen to activate, which means that she is still floating to the corner of the screen to do hailstorm u can tigerknee a lp icebeam. This allows iceman to avoid the typhoon and knock her out of hailstorm.

  2. If u find urself doing the tigerknee icebeam but she has already activated the super screen, which mean a lot of hail is going to mess up iceman, then u need to cancel immediately into artic attack. Believe it or not, even if u do it late ur artic attack will knock her out of hail storm. U don’nt want her killing ur asissts now do u?

I’ll try to post up some more strats for iceman in a bit if not on wednesday. Let me know what u think. c’mon iceman really does have what it takes to stand a chance against the big four just play smart. It’s not just bout throwing out random icebeams. Doing that will get u killed and look dumb in the process.

Questions, comments would be appreciated.

Will test tomorrow and get back to you. Don’t worry about the late post, just glad you replied at all. ^^

A lot of Questions/Comments


Looking at what’s on paper, it seems like the iceman trap, the (Assist call, sj. d+hp, avalanche, icebeam) seems to not be too effective. Maybe I’m doing thinking about it wrong. But first off, the d+hp, if you don’t cancel into any move, it leaves you vulnerable all the way down and same with the avalanche. So basically, you’re hoping to hit them (with either ice ball) and then recover when you touch on the ground?

I find that the d+hp doesn’t cover the 45 degree angle that I’d like it too, it seems to go almost 70 degrees downward. Therefore, I think that the trap would be more efficient if you start it as a sj.up forward right? This way the d+hp will hit them regardless if they chase or not.

Also, sometimes, if I do sj. up, and I miss with the d+hp ball, then I have to resort to doing an lp icebeam if they’re in the air with me. It seems like a safer choice than the avalanche. Not sure about this though. Cuz it seems like you’re still in recovery mode all the way until you hit the ground. T.T

My trap, is really retarded, but I think it’s effective. Basically you play a rushdown iceman, lk + Drones, lk, HK. (options)

  1. If your or regualar lk hits, then continue to combo, end with a Hp icebeam. They will then land into the drones covering your recovery time from the beam.

  2. They block the string. Then just do an Lp icebeam. Once again, drones will cover your recovery time.

Kara Cancelling

Another point. When you do the aircombo to super, and you are doing the HK avalanche XX super, what exactly are you doing? Are you Kara cancelling? (qcf + HK XX two punch)? I’m assuming that’s what you’re doing. What is the timing for this though? It seems harder than just qcf + lp XX two punch.

Rush Down

Final point, when rushing down with iceman… qcb + punch (icefist). Icefist or no icefist? Offers some chip damage I believe. And when you’re jumping around, what is the best normal to use? I know that can give you an instant overhead, but what can follow up from it? And d+HK seems pretty solid, best of his j. attacks I think. On the ground, seems ok, s. lk has some range on it, seems to be a good poke.

I know it’s a lot, hope I didn’t confuse you with my comments. :bluu:

Hey thanks for the reply.

For starters the canceling of the avalanche into artic attack is like u cancel any special into a super. launch,sj. magic series, qcf+hkxxartic attack. Ur actually doing both motions for each move. u have to do qcf+hkxx qcf+2p. Try it out it works just fine for me. Note: for some reason the hk avalache actually gives u more time to cancel into artic attack than the lp icebeam does. For some reason its harder for me to cancel with the lp icebeam. I’ve been practicing all of my shit on pad! If I can cancel this stuff on pad then i’m sure that u can do it too. I’m getting my stick today, YAY!

On the trap u have to get ur opponnent as far away as possible first. If u don’t do this it won’t work.just do a lp or hp icebeam to keep them away, then do the trap. I’m not really hoping that they get hit by the little ice ball, avalanche or even the typhoon assist. The point of this trap is for chipping. Believe me if u do it right they will get frustrated and the will eventually be hit by the typhoon assist, in this case i hit them with a lp icebeam since the typhoon carries them up. Already mention this but it works great with blackhearts assist. Works with drone assist too.

The trap ur were taking bout, I also do that too, Iceman need all the help than he can get.

I really don’t use the iceball fist at all. I think, think, that it slows his dash some. You can do this koo combo in the corner though:
activate iceball,,d+hk,, lk, hp, 1 second delay hp, land, d+hk (the launcher will not allow u to superjump), normaljump hp throw, if ur quick enough u can launch them up for another artic attack combo.
If sent or storm r really close to me and it isn’t safe to throw out a icebeam the I use the d+hk, this beats out a lot of stuff man.
What I really rely on when I rush down is my sent drones, I do use them to advance and try to get a quick combo with then launcher but just call ur sent drones and dash back and forth so mags or storm won’t get a clear hit on you. They have to worry about not being hit by the drones, if they get hit then i launch and combo their ass with a lot of ice. I really like this team because of the dhc from artic attack to hailstorm. Usually if u get mags or storm into artic attack, assuming that u canceled either with lp icebeam or hk avalanche to get the most damage, they will more than likely be dead. One mistake for them and if I dhc into hailstorm they will be dead.
Also when sent is flying in the air or even if mags or storm are in the air reapeatedly doing fp, just get close so that ur under them or as close as u can get and then quickly superjump with lp,lp, hkavalanchexx artic attack. This shit works man believe me, especially on sent. Of course if ur constantly using drone assist they will use storm on point so they can kill ur assist, but just do a well timed tigerknee lp icebeam and you’ll knock her out of it.

Try this combo if u need to get iceman out.,lk,,hp icebeamxxartic attack, dhc into hailstorm. This works also. Nothing better than to see their face when they haven’t seen this yet. Since this is an iceman thread not sure if I should post strats on how to play storm or sent.
Also try this trap. variety assist,,,lk, lp or hp icebeam.
the lk arn’t suppose to connect but they r there so that they r left in block stun long enough so that stoms assist comes out and then u can chip them without fear of retaliation. Of course they can call out their assist but u won’t let them if u keep them in block stun with ur dashing lk’s. Works pretty good too. I use all three variations of the trap to keep them guessing all the while chipping them. They’ll get frustrated and recklessly try to rush me down but call sent drones and dash back and forth and they will get hit by drones which leads to free combo for me. I really don’t need an anti air since I’ve gotten so good with iceman and how to keep them away properly. There will be sometimes when mags gets close to me and does manage to do like 2 or three trijumps, just pushblock and know where to block and u should be ok. Then keep him away again and start chipping. I don’t chip like all the time since it is cheap but if they have storm and want to kill my assist then I will just to let them know that I can play that game too. Another good thing to do when mags is trying to come in at u with fp and take adavantage of you when ur assist is just leaving is just get under him and launch his ass. His launcher is really good and underestimated. I’ll catch a lot of magnetos and storms with this and all they can say is bull****!

U can also use icemans fk throw in the corner to setup a combo for him, just otg with, d+hk, and u know the rest. Another team that i’m working out on is iceman proj. ironman aaa, sent ground. This team I call chill, pretty sure that this name isn’t taken but I like to do the framekill with artic attack into proton cannon.

I’m sure that there is more stuff, try to think of this in a while since I am at work, but go ahead and keep on posting ppl. I’ll be on later on today like round 2 or three. I know that there has to be more iceman players out there.

Like the avatar? A friend made it for me, finally got one, almost brought a tear to my eye.
Well since I don’t have much to do here at work I decided to post some more stuff.

On the comment that iceman doesn’t provide much combo wise that is true but all u need is artic attack dhc into HAILstorm,there goes one char.
If u want to frustrate them even more than bring out sent and start chipping them with hsf and icebeam assist. If i have like 3 meters I just waste them all to chip them if their char is on low life. Not much they can do bout that.

Another koo combo with iceman and sent:, d+hk + drone asist, sj. wait for like bout half second to start ur magic series, end magic series with hp, they should land on the drones, dash with, launch, and u know the rest.

Corner only:
call sent assist, d, lk, s.hp ( bout here the assist should be hitting them) tigerknee hp icebeam ( let the icebeam hit all hits), xx artic attack. looks koo and takes off a crap load of damage. Just thought that I’d mention that I tried this with tron and this nearly killed cable.

I already mention one thing to do on sent earlier if he is pressuring u.
He will try to stomp u with commando assist, but just look for the right opportunity to tigerknee a lp icebeam, let the full icebeam hit then cancel into artic attack for a lot of damage. You might think that this won’t work but u just have to bait him a little so that ur as close as possible, and I mean like really close so that ur able to cancel into artic attack. This looks really koo, especially on sent since u can hear the metal clattering from all the ice hitting him. I’ve done this like bout 10 times in real matches so it works. Just mainly for flash points, especially if u dhc int HAIL!storm.

Stupid But KOO LOOKING COMBO:,, superjump cancel lp, lp, hk avalanchexxartic attack.
It’s kinda llke the jap setup that ironman has for his inf. You just got to let the standing hk hit, then right after it hits, just superjump foward do the rest. I’m pretty sure that if u try to do, lk then standing hk , u will not be able to hit ur oponnent cause he is sent to far back for u to combo him. I’m gonna try to experiment more with assists and try to come up with some koo stuff.

launch with storm + icemans proj assist, sj.fp, lightning attack downfowardxx lightning storm does good damage.

With storm on point I like to launch with icemans proj assist and then try to cross up with icemans assist. works good too. Try to post some more stuff, let me know if I should post stuff with sent and storm with iceman. prolly be online like round 3 or 4 pm today .

Yea, avatar is nice. Reminds me of DoDonPachi Ice Beam… haha.

Anyways, looked at your trap again, the sj. hp iceball, avalance. and I’m still not clear about the trap. The avalanche part, even if it hits you still have to float all the way to the bottom to recover right? So this is what I’m assuming about your trap.

They are far away. Call assist, sj. d+hp. OPTIONS.

  1. If they stay down, you just do HK avalanche, and allow typhoon/drones to chip.

  2. If they sj. after you, but block the ball or typhoon, then you still do HK avalanche. Return to ground.

  3. If they get hit by the typhoon, as they’re flying upward, you lp icebeam them.

  4. If they sj. and manage to airdash around/avoid the hp iceball, then just lp icebeam to knock them back. And icebeam recovers before you touch the ground again, giving you another opportunity to chip with icebeam.

Rush Down:

  1. Generally, no icefist.
  2. Also, does iceman have a command for a wavedash?
  3. j. lk uses?


I like that one ground combo to HK icebeam to artic attack. Cancel right away or let full icebeam hit? Nice surprising combo. hehe ^^

I also really like the sent drones corner combo.

Here are my combos with Sent Proj.

lk + sent, hp, sj. cancel, arctic attack. This is just like Cable’s AHVB you cancel the HP into a TK arctic attack. You can also just do lk, hp, arctic attack but it doesn’t do as much damage. If you sj. cancel, iceman is like in their face and they eat much more ice.

Team Frostbite:
Go ahead and post stuff about using storm/sent with iceman proj. It’s iceman related anyways.

What I mainly do is either to the HSF trap with icebeam, chips A LOT! and I also do general stomp down with sent. usually, I’ll do a f. HP + icebeam assist so it either knocks them to the ground or pins them to take chip. Then, I’ll just lk, hk, unfly, hp + icebeam, etc.

For storm, I just try to call the assist and sj. ad. df. around and try to get a random crossup. Although, I don’t really want the icebeam to hit because it’s like 9 hits and reduces the damage scaling. = (

Other thoughts?

on the wave dash command, he does have one, took me a while to figure it out. Here it goes. with iceman U only need to wave dash once neways since he has a fast dash.

-2p( do the two punches by itself), d( press down first), 2p( press this immediately after u press down, not at the same time), 2p ( press this again) This lets u wavedash three time but u won’t really need to do this three times. I only do his wavedash once. Let me know if u experience difficulty doing this. I’ll try it out again to make sure that this is the right setup. I suggest that u try this on pad first and set the L1 button for the 2p command. But what ever floats ur boat.\

On that combo that i posted with storm point and icemans assist. I messed around with it yesterday and figured that if u don’t allow that many hits of the icebeam to hit that storms super will take off more, stupid damage scaling. anywho I modified it a bit so u can get the most damage. Here goes., c.lp, proj assist, ( after u do the hk try to hold uf so she can float a little or don’t do the hk that fast so that the icebeam won’t hit so much), airdash down back or foward, lightning attack fowardxx lightningstorm.

Another cool combo:
-Storm on point:,lk, call icemans assist after she has swept them not at the sametime that she sweeps, immediately do ( icebeam should hit at the same time), lightning attack fowardxxlightning storm.
IN this combo u can also just go for a hailstorm instead of lightninng storm. Just do the, then go into hailstorm. Now this is the true meaning of FROSTBITE. Looks koo too. The icebeam leaves them stunned long enough for u to do hailstorm.

Corner only, storm on point:
c.lp, lp, assist, sj. hk, addf hk ( drones should be hitting now),, sj. lightning attack ufxx lighning storm. This does a lot of damage, close to 90 on cable, don’t bother doing a magic series then lighning storm aftter u launch cause the damage will scale.

Fast fly combo with sent. I know that the fastfly with icemans assist doesn’t take off much damage but if u do harddrive then xx into hail storm this does.

  • launch,, ff,lk+icemans proj, fp,harddrivexx hailstorm.
    Its up to u if u want to let the harddrive hit or not then go into hailstorm.

-storm on point. drones,, (OTG)( drones should be hitting them), you can launch them or do a typhoon into hailstorm. Hmmm. wait, just typin this off of my head, but I know that u can do hailstorm, just not sure if u go right into hailstorm after u do the Try it out looks koo though.

Did u try out that combo with the iceball activated in the corner? It works just know the timing on the second fp and u should be fine. I tried to do a icebeam then artic attack but comp won’t let me because of the flying screen. After u launch don’t try to superjump foward that much, try to go foward a litte but straight up. Cause if u just superjump foward u will miss the first fp alltogether.

I tried that combo with sent proj assist. Takes off mad damage. Nice.

I tend to try and not jump in that much with iceman, I like to stick with dashing or wavedashing with drones backing me up then chipping them if they block. They will then try to rush me down in which case I try to confuse them with drones so that they land on them, then I get free combo. But when I do jump in I like to use just about every move that Iceman has.

For instance,if I notice that my lp won’t reach them then I go for the lk. For some reason if u jump in with the lk when u r close to them, assuming that ur pressing lk twice, the second lk crossup up. Try it out. I like to use the fp jump in if I want to out prioritize them, good jump in too. I know that the d+hk for a jump in is good, since it does have surprising priority even against storms launcher, but I just need to work on dashing in with lk then launch them for a combo.

I’ll try to come up with some more combos with this team. And post them up asap. What else u got for me for this team? Any more questions? I’ll answer them asap.

Corner only:
sent on point. - hp throw in the corner, c.lp (OTG)+ icemans proj assist, hp,ff, hp grab , lk ,lk, rocket punch. This takes off a lot of damage too. looks koo also.

Using team frostbite:

Well if i have storm on point and I just killed their char, what i Like to do is call icemans proj assist and then wavedash fast behing them. You’ll be surprised how many times that this gets ppl. After the assist hits then I just launch them for a lighning storm combo.
I like to crossup with icemans assist after I launch. This is basically what I do.

  • c.lp,c.lp, proj, addf let assist hit then launch. I gotta experiment more so I can come up with better crossups but this works since the icebeam comes out pretty fast. If u want to tri jump first them launch that is up to u. I’m just posting basic ways to launch.
    ON the trap part. u assumtions r right and there will be times when it won’t work, but only if they r close to u when u do it.
    number 1 is right. number 2 is right, but I do a lp or hp icebeam depending on where they r. Cause After the hk avalanche the typhoon assist should be hitting them or chip them, which leaves them no escape, in this case I will do a lp or hp icebeam then start trap over again. You must make sure that u call storms assist then immediately superjump with d+hp to start trap. Timing must be right so that right after u call the avalanche the typhoon will start hitting or chipping them.
    3 and 4 r right also.

I use the same tactics that u do with sent while flying around too. Good stuff. I like to chip them a lot to with hsf and icemans assist.
I like to randomly call out storms variety assist while I’m flying with sent cause if they manage to get a hit on me then the typhoon will knock them out of whatever they r doing to me. hmmmm… just got an idea. What if I get hit purposely by a lk by another sent and let the typhoon knock them out, do u think that I will get the better end of it. Meaning that We will trade hits but I will have damaged him more than he has me. Just wondering. I also like to call out her assist and if try to keep them pinned so that the typhoon assist will either chip them or hit them . i do this by just doing a rocket punch , the direction depends on where they r of course.

With storm on point I go for cross ups with sent drones to apply pressure or combo them of course. But surprisingly this also works well with icemans assist. call icemans assist then immediatly superjump with fp, addf with fp, this gives me good chip also while applying pressure. Sometimes they will get hit by the assist since they didn’t notice that I called it since I superjumped right away which leads to launcher and free combo for me.

I’m trying to do a sweep with iceman then superjump cancel with a hp icebeamxx artic attack. I can’t get it, not sure if its just me. Try it out to see if this works. Would be really koo if this did.

I’m sure that I’m forgetting some more stuff but I’ll try to post some more asap. L8ters. pm me whenever u want. Post some more stuff too. don’t matter what it is.

WTF I just posted a long ass reply and srk gave me an error… GRRR. Gonna be busy till weekend until I can post again. I’ll work on that wave dash command, see how it goes. I’ll also try out the sweep, Hp icebeam XX arctic attack.

Quick question then:

Ground icebeams. Never worth it right? Seems like it is always punishable.


Let’s come up with BnB combos for this team. Combos that can be relied upon in a match, and do the MOST amount of damage.

Combo Questions

After messing around, (LSATs done finally!) I can’t get this combo to connect.

Iceman on Point:
lk, lk, s. hk, HP IB XX Arctic Attack.

Storm on Point: + IM,, s. HK XX Hail Storm.
Can’t get this to work either. Icebeam doesn’t hold them in long enough.

RK + IM, (launch), sj. FP, df. LA XX LS
Works. Delay the sj. FP just a tad so it does more damage.

Corner combo with Iceman:
lk+sent, lk, HP, TK HPIB, Arctic attack
Works, but I found that without the IB, it does better damage. Just less flashy.

I cannot Sj. cancel the c. HP. = (

So BnB combos? Shall we begin?

Iceman on Point:

I’m assuming that the most damage combo is just launch, magic, Kara Cancel Arctic Attack.

Corner Iceman:

Seems like + Drones, lk, HP, sj. cancel Arctic Attack
Does most damage? The “Flash” screen actually allows the drones to connect. Otherwise, they normally wouldn’t. ^^

Waiting to do Storm and Sent BnBs until you reply about above combos.

On the first combo with iceman on point. The artic attack isn’t suppose to connect, its meant to framekill into hailstorm. Just do the combo like it is and then go into hailstorm.

On the second combo with storm on point. Um ur doing it wrong.

Its:, lk, iceman proj ( don’t do the assist with the lk at the same time, instead wait until storm sweeps them, then call icmans assist, then otg immedieately with s.hkxxhailstorm)

On that combo with with sent assist I always manage to get like round 90-101 damage. U do mash right?

U do know about the multihitting assist glitch right. Like with icemans corner combo with sent assist u can get the assist to hit one more time.

This is what u do. with ne assist by the way. call ur assist out and just as the assist touches them, notice that I say touch and not hit. Well technically the assist does hit but u ghave to do this quick. Well as the assist hits them activate any super, just as long as the super has a fast start up, and the computer will register the assist as hitting like 1 more time without the damage scaling. The trick to this is when the assist hits and u activate the super screen at the same time, the computer registers as if the assist hits like twice. This is different with multi hitting assist like cables proj assist

ex: cable proj assist hits twice. BUt if u activate the super screen just as the first hit connect u will get three hits out of the assist. But if u activate the super screen just as the second part of the assist hits them, then u will get 4 hits.

this works with sent drones also but so far I have only been able to get 4 hits out of this no matter when I activate the superscreen. Works with commando assist really good. Like with sent u can launch+ commando aaa, lp, hardrive just as the assist hits them dhc into hailstorm. This takes off mad damage since commando’s assist hitting 1 time does does like 20 or 25 damage. If u do this glitch u get 40 damage from the glitch just with commandos assist alone, plus harddrive and hailstorm, always mash.
Oh try c.fp+commando aaa, artic attack. If u do the glitch this does mad damage. Of course u have to set it up but with a dashing crouching lk then c.fp u should be fine. U can also add the hk avalanche then artic attack but u wont be able to do the glitch, but looks koo. Rollable though, but some ppl forget since they think that u can’t follow up after the c.fp. hehehe.

I would’ve replied sooner but I was busy all weekend with friends. We usually have our own tourneys here on console.
Damn I hope that it is possible to sj cancel the c.fp with fp icebeam, that would look koo.

Have u been able to do the hk avalanche into artic attack in the air after the launch? Any more questions r welcome. Well I did manage like bout 7 wins in a row with frostbite at the cade on sat. The competition is good down here but not crazy like in houston or cali.
Yea, that is his most damaging combo, but with commando assist u can get like round 101 damage. Just launch + commando aaa, sj.fpxx artic attack.

Just listing this combo since I also use Icethrax: iceman, sent, commando. I’ve had more success with frostbite even though I don’t have an anti air, but why have an anti air if u can keep away with icebeams and drones right. Then they have to come to u and thats when I launch their ass, artic attack then HAILstorm. Say bye bye to mags. This is too good. Remember with sent also that u can reset the damage when doing hsf.

All u do is hit them with hsf, lp rocket punch ( resets damage), hsf, fp rocket punch then hsf, dhc into hailstorm, they should be dead too.

Stupid combo:
well when ur doing hsf and u want to do a triple hyper combo just do the standing fp beam after hsf then press the a1 and a2 buttons immediately. Looks koo though.

That combo with storm on point u can also go into hailstorm with sent assist. assist,lk, (otg) Drones should be hitting them , go into hailstorm. Prolly already posted this but just to let u know. Well just post some more q or whatever k.

By the way what does bnb mean? sorry for my unknowledgeable chat acrynoms. Is unknowledgeable a word? just wondering.

Hey, first off, where are you from? Console tourneys, wish I had that so I could save on some $$$.

Anyways, to clarify a few things.

  1. I can do the HK avalanche XX Arctic Attack, I simply call it Kara Cancelling. I believe that’s the appropriate term. (it was mentioned before in other forums)

  2. The assist double hit glitch. Yea, it works better with Commando. The reason why you can only get 4 hits with drones is because the assist registers as 3 hits normally. When you glitch, you can only get one of the drones to hit twice, therefore, giving you 4 hits total. In this way, the damage is not as efficient as say a rocket punch. ^^

  3. BnB = Bread and Butter Combos. It means the combos that are the most reliable, and do the most damage in any given situation. These are the ones you rely upon in a tourny match. No flashy stuff. Just pure damage and relative ease is required here.

  4. The framekill with Storm, I understand it now. Cool. I was doing the same setup with Sent. Let’s say you get snapped the fuck around and you end up with ice/Sent/Storm. then, you can simply do this DHC. lk, lk, s. hK XX Arctic Attack, Frame Kill to HSF. The HSF should catch them before they can recover from the s. HK.

  5. You can’t sj. cancel the c.FP. Which sucks… = ( Would have been a cool looking combo like c. FP, TK HPIB XX Arctic Attack. hehe.


I’ve been considering taking Iceman off the point and placing the order as Sent/Storm/Ice. The reason is because I really enjoy having Iceman as an assist when I have Sent out. It chips so quickly. I don’t have the patience to wait for Ice/Storm/Sent 2 DHC’s to get to Sent. hehe. So when I’m just messing around, I like playing Sent/Storm/Ice.


What about damaging their assist when they’re in?

I’ve been thinking about doing something like…

HK Avalanche XX Arctic Attack XX Hail.

So basically the Ball knocks them upward, and you do the Arctic Attack for awhile, then DHC to Storm. I’m wondering if this connects or not. (HK Ava. XX Arc. Att.)

Finally, BnB Combos: Edit this list as you see fit. Remember most damage and ease of completion is key.

Iceman on Point:

c. lk, c. hk, (launch), sj. magic, HK avalanche XX (kara cancel) Arctic Attack.

Iceman Corner:

c. lk + drones, lk, s. HP, sj. cancel, TK Arctic Attack.
The super screen allows the drones more time to “glide” over and connect.


With Ice:
c. lk, c. mp, s. HK + Ice (launch), sj. delay FP, df. LA XX LS

With Sent:
Drones hit, s. HK, (launch), sj. HK, ad. f. lk, lk, LA XX LS (my favorite combo)

Storm Corner:

(not sure yet) Thinking about trying to do some reset with Iceman in the corner off of a s. HK, sj. HK, ad.df. HK, (land), lp, fp, hk.
Call iceman on one of those hits, and then dash under them when he hits? Dunno if that is possible.

Any combo. (But I wouldn’t include iceman, cuz of damage scaling)
Stomp Strategies.


Corner only:

Hp throw in the corner, c.lp (OTG)+ icemans proj assist, hp,ff, hp grab , lk ,lk, rocket punch.

I guess that’s all I have for now. Post up ppl! 125 views, only chill and I commenting? I know you guys like this shit, so reply if you have a good combo/strat.

Hey I posted more stuff, just read the post above this one. I’m going to try and come up with some good combos with this team and I’ll post them up asap. Hey well tell me what characters that u have trouble fighting against and I’ll try to post some useful strats. And umm the comment on the ground icebeams. They r worth it. Just use them wisely and u should be fine. Try to call sent drones, then lp icebeam , they will superjump, u do a hp icebeam, follow with lp icebeam. This should keep them pinned and allow free chip. Of course u can do a, lk,, lp icebeam for chip and u won’t be punished for it since the s. hk pushes them away a little. Did u try the,, super jump , lp lp, hk avalanchexx artic attack? koo combo. I’ll post what I find asap. Post what u find too. L8ters.

wats up guys jus droppin by for a lil help… im kinda new to MVC2 but i seem to get better and better everytime i play and i was wonderin i use iceman very regularly and the one thing dats seems to be hlodin me bak wit him is the air combo xx artic attack, i kno how it goes but i jus cant seem to get good hits consistintly ive gone as far up as 60-58 and sometimes as low as 15 sum help on how to execute the combo for maximum damage??? thanx in advance

pure luck i saw this today. ^^ but first, look through the previous threads. there is a lot of basic information in the old threads, just view all the posts from ‘the beginning.’

the reason why your aircombo is doing different damage, is due to the fact that iceman floats down when he’s doing his arctic attack. To keep him in the air longer, you have to “kari cancel” your attack.

do, launch, aircombo, qcf + lp, lp+hp. so basically, you “double tap” the lp, lp+hp really quickly. only one qcf motion. by doing this, you kari cancel out the beam (which won’t connect anyways) and instead, get a floating arctic attack.

thanx alot liquid but i jus sayin dat i already did read the previous and i was having troble wit placing him closest to the character and chest tochest level to max the hits and damage but im glad to say dati learned a neat lil trick…
i dont do the full air combo wat i do is,,, /\ sj. lp, sj.lp (slowly but not too slow), qcf+hk+PP
i personally kno its gonna work wen u c the opponent practically standing str8 up next u wen u input the artic attack and im glad to say dat i worked on it tirelessly and i can consistinly get 45-55 hits regularly now thanx alot though

you can really kara cancel the Hk avlanche ball the big ball into the artic attack in the air? i usually do the lp ice beam and kara cancel that. can anyine tell if you can only cancel the Hk ball and not the lk i tried lk but doesnt work.

i forgot where i think sumwhere in this thread that kara canceling the hk ball works but not the lk i think but hk works gr8 for me and i wouldnt try chaning it for my iceman

damn i need to know whats the best way the way i do it is with lp icebeam it works fine but i need to know like the best way you know lol anyway im just gonna work on shuma rushdown thats dude is pretty interesting peace.

i took me a lot of practice to get it down. at one point i even tried doin the air hp icebeam and hit dem den follow up immediatlywit artic attack and it worked great in practice mode but opponents and even the computer would jus block after the last hit b4 the icebeam and i ended up very vulnerable on the way down. i found this trick and it hasnt let me down yet and all dats left now is for me to find the best way to utilize iceman in the couple teams i have lined up wit him in them

ok thats cool so your talking about the kara cancel trick how does it work exactly becuase i can do it but i still need to know ow it is done to get a better understanding thanks