Frosty Faustings 3 Results and Shoutouts Thread - Jan 8th 2011 - Nickel City



Thank you Bozac for the opportunity for this tournament to happen.

SSF4 Grand Finals and WF’s are being uploaded to my youtube.

Lord Hollow has losers finals.

GGXXAC Singles (36 players)

1 ElvenShadow
2 Cue
4 Blacksnake
5 Sym
5 Vortex
7 Malice
7 Kobayashi
9 Bonzai
9 Ukyo Tachibana
9 Nick W
9 ChronoSabre
13 Woocash
13 nives
13 Mr Two
13 zerox1999
17 Farran
17 YooYoung
17 havok
17 George Clooney
17 SuperFX
17 Makoinfused
17 Bacon
17 Kamui-moon
25 Desmond
25 Klaige
25 Dehumanizer
25 Xombie
25 Empty Shiki
25 Kajifuuma
25 Cracka J
25 Phreakazoid187
33 J1n
33 Supa
33 Jimmy(CursedVanity)
33 samstar

GGXXAC teams (9 teams)

1 blacksnake / klaige
2 cue / yooyoung
3 elvenshadow / jin
4 malice / makoinfused
5 Ukyo Tachibana / nives
5 Cracka J team
7 Farran team
7 Kobayashi team
9 aaron/jakub

SSF4 Singles (103 people!!!)

2 Big Marcus
3 Scrimps
4 Yanu
5 Spriggan
5 Douglas
7 Chat de Thunder
7 Vanitys7
9 Humbag
9 p4pking
9 Part2
13 bp amoco
13 Shane
13 Konkrete
13 Grouchy Business
17 Royal Phlush
17 therobd
17 Tuboware
17 Scotte
17 Kobayashi
17 !!BAKA!!
17 John Lin
17 Phreakazoid
25 Sean Kuehl
25 Christian R
25 American Cyclone
25 Free1up
25 Tactics
25 T-bay 313
25 The Blackstar
33 Middle East Guy
33 Aki
33 Keetro
33 Pooplos-2
33 Latino Kourk
33 Elliot
33 Tony Kao
33 Zino
33 AuhsojSivart
33 Simon Yoo
33 Jigo
33 Jiggly Norris
33 Super Greek Fighter
33 esoul
33 Andrew Martinez
33 bombchivo
49 Sam Tuza
49 Mark Ramos
49 Flying V
49 ElvenShadow
49 King of Bums
49 Pricey McPricington
49 Repent 13
49 Brightside
49 M.A.T.T.
49 Justin Ashcroft
49 Chainslaw
49 Heroic Legacy
49 Cuddles
49 ShinWolverine
49 Apples
49 Ronaldo Vaigas
65 DeadXIII
65 Brian Fong
65 ill_cosby
65 Justin H
65 Zan-sam
65 Chun Pai
65 AfroPhoenix
65 Unwired Host
65 Drew A
65 Koga316
65 Growtesk
65 Kayloud
65 turtlesarecool
65 Zenblaster
65 Terrence Lepinski
65 xyuseix
65 The Mossad Man
65 Twin
65 Bonzai
65 Makeumad
65 Picamides
65 Dirtywerk
65 Cue
65 Nilo
65 holdthephone
65 Reyart
65 Ukyo Tachibana
65 Greg
65 30 F’s
97 Nick Phalez16
97 Eric J Titus
97 B-rad
97 Darth Dolomite
97 Superfly
97 Tony B

SSF4 3v3 Teams

1 Team Cookies and Cream (Big Marcus, Wolfkrone, American Cyclone)
2 Sugar Spice and Everthing Nice (GLB, Scrimps, Spriggan)
3 Team Detroit/Chicago (Chat de Thunder, Vanitys7, p4pking)
4 Team reverse oreo (Humbag, Jigo, Tuboware)
5 Team SARS
5 Team Tortillas
7 Team OCV
7 AreaXIII
9 No Health No Skill No Problem
9 Team GLB is GLFREE
9 Slow Roll
9 Team Eat
13 Team Japan
13 Team not good at SSF4

KOF2k2UM Singles

  1. Dirtywerk
  2. LG Syxx
  3. IhateSyxx
  4. Random1-9
  5. Humbag
  6. DesmondDelaghetto
  7. Necrosis
  8. MightyMar
  9. Pooplos
  10. Orka
  11. LG Shinwolve
  12. Josh Travis
  13. Justin Ashcroft
  14. Draconis

HDR Singles

1: jigglynorris ($31.50)
2: royalphlush ($9.00)
3: face fook ($4.50)
4: syxx
5: king of bums
5: bonki
7: douglas
7: bzerk
9: hanson

BB Singles (29 people, 1 DQ):
1: Jetm (Jin)
2: CUE (Arakune)
3: Emba (Hazama)
4: AKA
5: Heroic Legacy
5: Woocash
7: Newtype RX93
7: Dekline
9: Mr. Two
9: iw2ma
9: King of Bums
9: Chaos006
13: Necrosis
13: Afrika
13: Frankie G
13: Bacon for the Taken
17: Orka
17: Farran
17: Chronosabre
17: Random123456789
17: B-Rad
17: Morgan
17: Middle East Guy
17: DeadXIII
25: Tony B
25: The Chops
25: Desov2
25: Lurch.E.Bean
DQ: Bacon

BB Teams (4 teams):
1: The Free Musketeers
2: Best in Midwest
3: Team O!
4: 720C

MBAA Singles

  1. Team Purple
  2. Syxx
  3. Beno
  4. EmptyShiki
  5. Kobayashi/Necrosis
  6. Chrono Sabre/Orka
  7. Desmond Delaghetto


ggs everyone venue was great .


KOF2K2UM results?


Awesome, thanks for the results. Wish I could have made it!


Shoutouts to:

  • Bozac/Humbag/Marcus/other tournament runners. Seems like everything went off without a hitch. It may have ran a little late but for the most part everything ran pretty well and the place had enough casual stations to satiate the masses.
  • All the people I interviewed. Hopefully I’ll get something finished in a few weeks.
  • Team SARS for spreading dat infection, especially Aki, the super trooper.
  • BP for the ride!

Had a lot of fun. I haven’t been to Nickel City in years and it was great to go back. Glad to see such a good turnout.


Will matchvids be posted? I wanna see how Cue tripped at the finishline yet again XD


My boy Shane holding down 13th at his first tournament!! pad bison is my hometown hero.congrats.

  1. Dirtywerk
  2. LG Syxx
  3. IhateSyxx
  4. Random1-9
  5. Humbag
  6. DesmondDelaghetto
  7. Necrosis
  8. MightyMar
  9. Pooplos
  10. Orka
  11. LG Shinwolve
  12. Josh Travis
  13. Justin Ashcroft
  14. Draconis


Hey everyone. Man this tournament was the fucking best. So much fun was had (in a variety of ways I must say :wink: ). LMFAO!!! here are the results of HDR side tournament:

1: jigglynorris ($31.50)
2: royalphlush ($9.00)
3: face fook ($4.50)
4: syxx
5: king of bums
5: bonki
7: douglas
7: bzerk
9: hanson

King of Fighters 2002 UM Tougeki Version (off the top of my head)

Top 5

1: DirtyWerk (Minnesota/Pimp Castle)
2: DoucheBag Dan (Syxx/IL/#snkplaymore AKA LeechGang *******)
3: Digimonemporer (worthless cumstain of the community who rarely plays KOF anyway lol/WI)
4: Random123456789 (IL)
5: Desmond Deleghetto (MN/Hai Dezmand LOLOLOL)/ Humbag (IL)
Douchebag Dan has the full results though. I think this tournament had 13 players for 2k2UMTver. :tup:

Shoutouts to everyone who I spoke with. There’s too many of you to name I love you all. Special shoutouts:

Devin - Thanks for everything my manz. You already know what’s up. And BTW…you are free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shin Wolverine - Good seeing you and riding with yha. POVERTY SANDWICHES FOR THE WIN BRO!!! :slight_smile:

Dirtywerk - Bro thanks for the “help”, much appreciated. Congrats on the win too, you deserved it. MN is on top, that’s all that matters. You know I support my bros in KOF. :cool:

MN players - Desmond you already know what’s up bro. Good seeing you again. Markuma mad chill bro. We’ll have to get some Naruto in one day lol. Baka damn son I was expecting you to win the tourney man. Next time…next time. :slight_smile: Good seeing you too. I’ll see you all soon at GnG Champs 3.

WI players - I was nice to finally meet you. Hope I wasn’t too scary in person. Carlos u are the fucking man sir. :smiley:

MI players - Mr. Kevin Hicks I love you. Such a gdlk friend and great person to talk to. So happy you made it to this tournament. VDO, thank you sir for the shoulder of respect. I was actually fallin alseep until you did that lmfao. It was great see you…and your bro. WolfKrone/Josh twas a pleasure in talking with you. I’M GLAD YOU FEEL STREET FIGHTER EX2 PLUS I BETTER THAN STREET FIGHTER 4 of any kind. Yes ladies and gents Josh is a wise wise man. :woot: John…good seeing you again. At ACEN I’ll definitely consider the help. Rest of MI thanks for coming you to this event.

STL - Good seeing you guys again. Glty it was a pleasure meeting you. SHOULDER FUCKING CHECK!!! Owww… x_x LMFAO!!!. Who ever that blk guy you came with with the glasses was…uhmmmm yea :wink: . BTW Condoms and Lube…most random thing ever. =/ :lol: Maam you are officially more manlier than I. I am not worthy.

IL - I love you all dearly. Thanks for the constant good time. Brock you are epic hype man. Flying V you are epic generous man, thanks for the entry to SSF4 teams much appreciated. Humbag you are epic rape man. Good lord that match hurt :frowning: . GGs in KOF too man. Brad you are epic tournament help. Frankie G you are STILL epic scrub. Scrimps you are epic Chun player. Kurt you are epic EPIC lol. Hero you are epic YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME TROLL MASTER lololololololol. Shiki you are epic make people free guy. Mario you are epic wise man. Apples you are epic I was probably high that day guy. Big Marcus you are epic where the hell is Webster guy. Arturo you are epic I haven’t seen your ass in forever guy lol. Domingo you are epic I’m a family man still kickin yha asses man. Yanu you are epic for epically putting Wolf in losers, that match was hype and also the only tournament match I watched for super lol.

FUCK there’s too many of yous. :o

IL I heart you all.

Joshua Travis/Kenny/Orka/Necrosis/Random1-9 - Good seeing you guys again. More games and hugs are needed. :slight_smile:

Shout outs to the HDR players - Norris, Plush ;), Bzerk, Mr. Man etc. I hate your game…but you guys are mad awesome. You guys are epic WE WILL PLAY OUR DAMN GAME DAMNIT guys lol.

Shout outs to the MvC2 players - May your game continue to be just as hype. Even after MvC3 is released. Good seeing Derek and Juan again.

Shinji/Kieth - Good seeing you again sir. Love hanging out with yha. GGs in EX2+/3. Man couldn’t believe the hype we got for EX3. Seeing Humbag laugh that hard was very worth it. :lol: Hero saying WTF every 10 mins was worth it. And…


Riot.exe - you are the fucking man…just saying :slight_smile:

Bozac: hey thanks for holding this event. Great times man. Travel back safe to Japan.

Good seeing Heather, Jason, and Jerry too.

Man too many people. I think he had close to 200 people there. 0_0

Nice meeting MineBlade. Hopefully you see this.

Alright that’s it for now. GDLK tournament. Please come to mine later this month…


My only minor complaints are:

xbox 360 sux and Syxx is alive.


I PM’d the full results for 2k2um to humbag, and kobayashi has the results for melty, so hopefully the first post will be updated soon for everything.


Melty Blood: Actress Again

  1. Team Purple
  2. Syxx
  3. Beno
  4. EmptyShiki
  5. Kobayashi/Necrosis
  6. Chrono Sabre/Orka
  7. Desmond Delaghetto

Good stuff to everyone who came out!


Was this recorded, stream archive or otherwise? I’m interested in melty and guilty. Definitely trying to make next year’s FF.


full results for GG please?


Just wanna say, to anyone who played Hokuto no Ken, Last Blade 2, or Rumble fish, that’s me over there (Blade from Dustloop), hope you guys had fun.

If you find a Wireless PS3 Black controller floating around, it’s probably mine (shoot me a PM).

DevilDigimon: Dude, it was nice to run into you, we need to meet up more!


Had a lot of fun yesterday for sure. Shout-outs to Turbo for hyping every big match in Super. Loud Bastard.
Yanu for playing out of him mind…GLB for being, well,…GLB
Sprig for lookin fresh to deff and wearing a fresh pair of kickz(don’t step on them)
Jose, nice to finally meet ya and taking me out >.< lol
Marcus lookin like Rex Ryan and not winning like his Jets did.
Jeremy good job. Keep up the Gief improvement.
Curtis fresh out the joint and going to a tourny(lol)

Everyone else, ggs.
Good stuff Wolf…you are certainly in a level of your own =)


Fun tournament ^.^ mad fun.


I’ll definitely be coming back to this tourney, I had a good time. Nice to meet all you guys, and thanks to all you guys keeping the tourney going smooth. Shout out to Wolfkrone for being free in Techromancer. :wink: Congrats on the win in Super, tho.


Well me and a couple other folks looked around and I can definitely tell you there wasn’t a PS3 pad in sight. Cause I know you were looking for yours and I wanted to help you find it. =(

Sucks man. Gotta keep a hold of your belongings.

Next tourney MimeBlade bring that set up again. Always good to see someone with a variety of fighting games. I saw some folks playing Hokuto No Ken and FUC too.

Here’s that thread to the WI thread:

They get together quite often. So feel free to post up and get to know one another. :tup:


Awesome tournament guys, was the funnest tournament I have been to in a long time. Everyone was so relaxed and enjoying the time. Gotta say that I am not sure why we even stopped running shit at Nickels but man that place is godlike for tournaments. Also Amar(Owner) was being hella nice and catering well to everyone. Wish I didnt toss and turn the prior night(working 3rd shift blows) which led me to be at the tournament with 0 sleep but no excuses.

Shoutouts to everyone there for showing the support, and to Guilty for doing the 3 uppercuts in a row on Yanu in 3s when I first walked in the door which had me rolling. Good shit fucking Wolfkrone for becoming such a beastly Viper player and to IL for holding it down in the tournament. Much love to all of the Midwest, shit like this will level us up hard if we keep it up. If anyone else is interested in helping setup / run a dedicated quarterly tournament series at Nickel City hit me up. I know the owner well and I can setup something.


These are the full results for KOF 2K2 :

  1. Dirtywerk
  2. LG Syxx
  3. IhateSyxx
  4. Random1-9
  5. Humbag
  6. DesmondDelaghetto
  7. Necrosis
  8. MightyMar
  9. Pooplos
  10. Orka
  11. LG Shinwolve
  12. Josh Travis
  13. Justin Ashcroft
  14. Draconis

Kobayashi has the full results for Melty Blood