Frosty Faustings III planning thread


So its about that time again where its time to start planning for the next Frosty Faustings. I would like to run the event again but I want to make sure theres enough interest for it. As always, I will also need some help because I cant run everything on my own. So if enough people are willing to help make it happen, I will run the event again.

Heres what I plan to do as of now. The date pretty much would have to be Saturday January 8th. Usually I do it the first weekend of January but this year New Years day is on the Saturday before that and I know that date is no good for anyone.

My flight to go back to Japan actually leaves at 7 am on the 9th, but since the event will be finished by midnight, theres no problem since I can just stay up all night and leave once the event is over (but ill have time to chill for a bit after clean-up is finished).

As far as games.

As always Frosty Faustings was established to try to help out the Guilty Gear community so you can count on that being the main event. However, of course I will be having SSFIV singles tournament and teams if we have time (which im sure we can fit it in).

As far as other games, thats really up to the community and who wants to run whatever but GG and SSFIV will be the main events.

As always there will be pot bonus.

As far as venue, I think we could run it at the same place as the last 2 years and just make sure they open up most of the room like they did for us last year after that other group got out. My problem is, from where I am now, its difficult for me to get in contact with the venue so I would need some help from people back home in organizing things. If someone else has another good suggestion for venue please let me know. Im open to ideas.

So thats it for now. Please post your thoughts / suggestions.



This is going to be GDLK!!! I’m there for sure. I love this tournament series. So much fun.

My suggestion:




Team tournaments


3rd: Strike???
TvC: UAS???
KOF 2k2UM??? (it would be nice :angel: )


I will definitely be supporting this with my presence and at least a system. The venue was great but would be amazing if we could get the whole room, not that the Asian Christian gathering/sing-a-long wasn’t inspiring.


I believe I will be in Vegas for CES during those dates, and I have a big project to work on the two weekends after. Its a no-go for me, unfortunately. Good luck with the event!


You know i’ll offer up any help you need Mike.


please bring back melty again this year. we had a great turnout last year and would love to see everyone back again. :slight_smile:


You can count me in if you need help with anything. I can bring systems and TVs.



I’m super excited for this event!

lets not forget arcana 3 will be out…

I’d definitely be up for TvC still. Garou would be cool though it would be a small crowd aswell. I’d be willing to do either event or melty if no-one steped up.


FF owns. Mike is gdlk.


FF2 was the first and only big tourney I’ve ever been to. I’d love to go to 3. Is MVC2 possible?


I’ll do my best to show up again for Melty and hopefully bring some other ppl as well! Maybe GG too. Sucks AH3 got delayed, I wanted to play tons of that.

If Rob’s in town for it we should do a Soul Calibur 2 side tourney. It’d be a good excuse to bring out the OG SC players. :smiley:


Where is this?


I whole heartedly support this…


Sucks Arcana might not make it to this. :sad:

Shin: it’s held in Northern IL usually. So expect to travel an hour 1/2 or less, no problem. Elven’s events are definitely worth the trip.


lol wut


Judging by the posts, this is either in Wisconsin, or IL. But 14 posts so far and no location ID. Tsk tsk fellas, tsk tsk! LOL


It’ll be in Chicago :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I just assumed most people would know. It was always held in northwest suburbs of Chicago


Alright… bad news. My brother checked out the Wingate (the old venue) and its now under new management and is a Holiday Inn and if we wanted to rent out the ballroom we would have to get the WHOLE thing and the price is just too high to make it worth it. So we wont be having it there again.

I have one other place that I am looking into. Its on the north side of the city. If it works out it would be awsome but there are a few potential problems with it that we are currently looking into.

For now, does anyone else have any suggestions where we could run FF this year? If I cant find a good venue I will have to cancel the event. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you.


What are the odds of giving HDR another try this year?


what about the place they ran MWC?