Frosty Faustings planning thread (Chicagos winter major)

This year the only 2 weekends I can run Frosty Faustings are Saturday December 26th and Saturday January 2nd.

the 26th is the day after xmas so I dont see most people flying out on xmas day.

Therefor I propose we try to run it on January 2nd. People could fly out after waking up from their new years partys as long as they get later flights in the day.

I know these dates are inconvenient but honestly its the only time ill be in Chicago for.

Please discuss the posability of this event going down since last year went smoothly.

Domingo, please provide input on that venue you suggested.

As far as games, the main events I want to run are GGAC and BB and Domingo wanted to run SFIV as a main event. We can have lots of other tournaments as well providing people show interest in helping to run them again.


I will definitely be there this year!

ill be there either time, last year was awesome.

as far as side tournements that i care about are concerned someone will proububly want to run melty, keits will probably run tvc(new version?) and i’ll run garou or any of these if nooone else wants too.

yea I probably should have had a poll for the date. I dont think I can edit it now to have one can I? Or could a mod do it?

Im pretty sure Jan 2nd is better for everyone anyway


I’ll be in Japan again. The irony! Hopefully I won’t get stabbed. Maybe if I come back early I can get a layover in Chicago for a day.

George is retired? What is wrong this world?

I’d vote for January 2nd; one day for sobering up is pretty luxurious.

Im just gonna go ahead and confirm this event to be on January 2nd. I think it works best for everyone, including me.

Also, I think I would like to make this a one day event like last time so we dont have to have everyone worry about Sunday. Sunday tournaments always suck cuz people wanna get fucked up on Saturday nights and dont wanna get up early and for the out of state players, the gotta worry about driving back and flights and stuff so lets just do it like last year and run it all on Saturday.

Main games will be GGXXAC, BB, and SFIV. I plan to have all 3 start at the same time so that we can make sure the biggest tournaments all finish on time cuz I wanna run team tournaments once those are over. We did it this way last year and we had no problems finishing up in time before we had to leave the venue.?

As far as other tournaments go, I am fine with people running them if they want to. What that means though is if you plan to run something, make sure you can get some equipment for it, since I will be dedicating the stuff I provide mostly to running the main games. Once again it will be nice if people can bring equipment. I dont know what the venue fee situation will be like this year, but I will probably reduce event registration fee costs to those who can bring equipment.

The other issue is the whole PS3 vs 360 deal. We will be needing to run BB and SFIV on these systems. I personally dont give a shit which one we use. Perhaps it would be easier to run BB on PS3 and SFIV on 360 for example to maximize the ammount of avaliable consoles. Im sure there will be enough sticks around for people to use if they dont own a stick for whatever system.

This is all just brainstorming right now, please give some feedback.

Id say we keep it one system for now as PS3 is the current standard for tournaments and most people are PS3 ready as EVO and most majors are PS3. But getting that many ps3s is the question. Bozac Im not too fond of too many side games being played due to it causing players to miss possible matches being called. If anything id suggest allowing side tournaments to be ran after our main events / towards end of them. Its just the amount of equipment to be used for something like this seems to be big, people bringing equipment only for side tournaments is a waste, would rather use as MUCH equipment as we can to run everything as fast as possible(ala MWC). Also we have to take into consideration the space we are going to be using…ill hit up Gamestorm sometime very soon(possibly friday). Eric aka bobwashington also said he would jump on board to help things run smoothly. BTW Gamestorm does have some systems already(console game stations)…so that would be a plus. But yeah get back to me and tell me what you think.


posting my support in this thread.

as for the venue, if everything works out w/ domingo’s thing then cool. if you go back to the hotel from last year. i believe it would be possible to rent the same room and one more, if we expect sf4 to be large. then the only real important thing to do is make sure people bring setups (actually this is really important to insuring the tourneys get run on time).

im pretty sure i’ll be in town for the event. and i’ll do what i can to help out.

for now, can you put melty blood (the new one just came out on ps2) on the main tourney list, mbaa. i dont expect it to be huge, but i think ‘main game’ status is important for this game. i tentatively nominate orka to be the hype man for this particular tourney.

ps i would run the mb tourney. sorry webster. =P

I will do everything in my power to be there. Looks very likely.
(speaking of that, Mike, do you have a link to where you can get cheap plane tickets from JP -> Chi?)

I can take care of blazblue if you need me to, but I guess we should deal with that once I’m 100% confirmed to go.

I’ll enter BB, SFIV, and MBAA at least, so if I run BB (most likely if i go), I’ll need someone to help me out while I’m playing other games.

And whatever day is ok. As long as it’s not the sunday before Xmas cause for some reason my Mom’s side of the family always celebrates X-mas on that day, so seeing as how that’s not a problem, I should have absolutely no probs with coming.

BTW I won’t be able to house anyone, just letting people know in advance. Like, my room got turned into a hobby room once I moved out, so I’m most likely gonna be on a couch/air mattress at my parent’s place, so room for other people is 100% out of the question.

Domingo, I agree about the side tournament thing. The main ones should really get priority. I just figured if someone wants to run something like Marvel or whatever since Chicago has had such a dedicated scene for that for a while it wouldnt be a big deal but I totally agree that we need as many PS3s for the main games as possable. I suppose if people ran side tournaments on XBOX then it wouldnt be a problem as long as we still had physical room for the setups. It wasnt really a big problem last year, but as for now lets keep at at those. Last year Keits ran his TvC tournament and that also ran quick and since its on Wii it wouldnt take up PS3s.

Yea im fine with Melty blood, espesially if you wanna run it Andy. Its a new game so its worth having and I also dont imagine its gonna take that long to run anyway so it shouldnt even really affect the other games.

Rob, if you wanna run BB that would be great since ill be busy running GG. im sure I can help run that as well while you are playing and there will be a few other people to help run stuff like last year. Regarding cheap tickets, I always just fly home on American Airlines. They always give me the best prices and I always check around. If you book flights early you get better prices too.

In any case Ill confirm GG, BB, SFIV, and Melty as 100% the main games and for now everything else is a maybe.

I know you didnt go to the one last year Domingo so you couldnt really compare how big it is to this new place you got, but can you give me an estimate as to how many setups and how many people it would hold? Maybe someone who has been to both can give a comparison?

Anyway we still have lots of time so its all good.

Posting my support.

I’ll help out in anyway possible, mostly by bringing a full set up as well as my laptop to run a random tournament/casuals in a lot of older games people haven’t probably played in years to keep it a fun and laid back environment.

Where was the last one held anyway? I remember I was really bummed out cause I missed it because of a super tight work schedual, but I won’t let that happen this year.

^ info for the previous/first frosty faustings:

Posting support :tup:

Last year was awesome, so this year can only get better, right? I’m not sure what I can do to help, but if there’s anything that needs an extra set of hands/eyes/etc., let me know.

winte r go go go go g

Last year was a blast, looking forward to making it again, hopefully with an actual group this time.

Also, I’d be happy to run stuff if you are looking for some help. I may be able to record non-HD games, as well. I’m looking into getting HD recording stuff but there aren’t a lot of options so it doesn’t seem likely at this point.

Expect an official announcement within the next week

Good stuff Mike.

I will possibly help run capcom tournys like I did last year if need be.