Frosty Faustings V planning thread


Hi everyone! We are about a half year away from the 5th round of Frosty Faustings! We still have a lot of time to plan but I want to get the date straightened out first before anything.

I started a new job this month and will still be living in Japan for at least mostly likely 2 more years. My new job has a slightly different schedule and vacation time allowance. My vacation time is also more limited because I recently got married and we are having our wedding in the states sometime next year. Therefore, I need to save a good amount of vacation time for my wedding and have to use minimal days this winter.

With that said, there are only 2 days that I can run Frosty Faustings this year.

1. Saturday, December 29th, 2012
(This date is the most convenient for me personally. I won’t have to fly back to Japan right away after the tournament so I could stick around longer and chill with people. We would most likely be able to keep the venue open later as well. I know it is a little close to new years eve, but even if people come, they have 2 days to recover before new years eve, and it is far enough after Xmas to where I think it would be doable.

2. Saturday, January 5th, 2013
(This date is going to be harder on me because I will need to use more vacation time and I will have to fly back to Japan first thing in the morning the next day. For some people, this may be a better date since it is after new years is already finished.)

Please vote in the poll and let me know which dates you can attend if you are planning to go! If you can honestly go either day, please vote for the 3rd choice. Also, please feel free to post any comments or feedback.

I want this tournament to have a huge turnout so I am going to ultimately pick the day that works best for more people, but I want the community’s honest opinion. Thank you for your support! We will have more announcements to come!

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My fathers BDay is the 5th so I wouldnt be sure I could make it that date.

29th should be A-OK with me (unless I get a job out of state by then lol)

I could possibly swing either date but I would not be able to promise being able to help any if it is on the 5th.

If its the 29th I can pretty say Ill be able to volunteer to help run capcom games once more.




Humbag, as always, thank you very much for your help! I would also prefer the 29th so I am leaning more towards having it on that date. Not that many people have voted yet but it seems that so far, either day is about the same to most people. I will let the poll go a bit longer before making a final decision.

If anyone has anything else that they would like to suggest, please feel free to post. Maybe something you feel we can improve upon from previous years or something you would like to see return. I am also possibly considering changing the venue, but if we do it at Nickel City again, we are promised more space to use from the arcade floor area, so it would be less cramped regardless. Any thoughts?


I’d prefer the 5th, but I might be able to make both days.


Can make both. I can help with anything you need.


Alright, I am going to go ahead and officially announce that Frosty Faustings V will be on Saturday, December 29th. This day works better for me and it seems that the poll is basically 50/50. Thanks a lot to everyone who wants to help! I will start the official thread with more announcements soon. Until then, feel free to post any suggestions or comments here.


Awesome Bozac. I should be able to help out running stuff then. I suggest that Max (CurlyW) be involved big time as well for capcom games.


Since the date is decided, do you want to go ahead and create the thread in Tournaments & Events? Or do you want to find a venue first for that date? (Also, I kinda want the official tournament thread for this to be posted before Big E posts the one for NEC.)


Yea I can go ahead and post the thread. I will try to have it done later today or at least before the weekend. Venue isn’t 100% decided yet but I will most likely do it at Nickels again unless someone can pitch me another good option. Feel free to PM me or whatever if you don’t wanna post about it on the thread. Glad to have you both aboard once again humbag and max. You guys are always a tremendous help!


that’s good news, STL is having their Mass Appeals 2 on January 5th I believe… it’s finishing up the planning stages but the 29th assures STL will be up for Frosty Faustings V!


The 29th would be better. I had to miss last years event because Jan 6th is my birthday, and I throw a huge party for it every year.

So yea, I voted for the 29th.


Its already on the 29th now