Frowned upon by veterans


i would like to know what are some things veterans of tournament and competitive players get mad about that new players do when they enter tournaments.


Turbo, asking millions of questions and being unprepared.


not showering


haters gonna hate


not showering


not having a cord to sync your ps3 controller, slowing everything down. if you bring a ps3 pad, bring the cord dealy


If you borrow someone’s stick, don’t hit it when you lose.


  • not showering. If you can pay a $5 entry fee you can pay $3 for a decent bar of soap
  • going out for a smoke and making the tournament organizer shout out your name and look for you for 12 minutes. If you absolutely have to go smoke or do some bowel movements or go across the street for a slurpee at 7-11, at least leave one of your friends behind so he can tell the TO to not hold his breath
  • playing casuals on a setup just because no tournament matches are going on it right now (usually because people who are supposed to be playing are doing the above)
  • not being prepared to play on 360/ps3 on a multi console tournament (it is assumed you have friends you can borrow sticks from, don’t go to a tournament with a sixaxis and shrug when you get matched against someone with just a hori ex2)
  • generally anything that causes the tournament to progress slower

also [media=youtube]UaWf8v00jVs#t=21s[/media]


I hate this with a passion. I’ve seen this at many tournaments and I’ve had it happen at my tournament many times to where random people jump on an open IN PROGRESS tournament setup. Cmon seriously?..



And then…while you’re playing your tourney match, a TO comes over and taps you on the shoulder to ask if this match you’re playing is for the tourney. “YES! Get the fuck out of here!” lol


I hate when '09ers talk about frame data during a match.

For ex: i miss a low tiger shot and get flash kicked

'09er: Yeah sagats low TS has X amount of frames and take X amount or frames to recover.

Me: cool…

I been playing SF since SF2… you been playing since last feb… stfu…I dont care how far you stuck your dick into the hole on the CD to figure that shit out.


When new players need their hand held intead of actually putting in the effort to learn…fucking babies.


To ensure you’re warmed up: arrive early, and don’t be afraid to ask if you can get in on the next casual match. Don’t just assume people will step aside for you. I think all the aforementioned is good advice, don’t reek of ass. And definitely do not take your frustration out on someone else’s stick. I let some kid use my stick (who sucked) and after losing every round would mash the shit out of the buttons and joystick, definitely not cool.


not showering and spraying [insert body spray] instead.


Apparently Joe doesn’t ask to have Sherry put hands on him either. He just knows it’s going to happen. :lol:

I’m usually more welcoming to newer players than others especially if they actually show up to a tournament. Other tournament players I know just don’t wanna spend the time dealing with someone who doesn’t know how to play but for me…as long as you have the will to play and have the will to not smell like your own ass…I’m good.


What’s all this about showering?
I’ve never encountered anyone at a tourney smelling like shit.

What annoyed me last tourney that in my first match I played a scrub akuma while maining akuma myself.
Then the rest of the tourney he was all over me asking me how and why.

If you want to learn, just watch and don’t ask me if someone does x what do you do for every detail.


Sounds like a lot of vets are pretty sore at their sport getting popular again


I’ve only been playing for a total of 3-4 years tops and I find these things annoying. I’m not vet, Nig*as just need to shower… fucking super smash bro’s players alway smell like a week old turd. also, most of them look like they have down syndrome. Uglier you are, better yu are at SSMBs


Not really…alot of vets actually welocme the newcomers…


I think this is SRK’s creed.