Fruit Flies: how to deal with them?

So I threw a banana peel into the waste basket next to my desk because I was lazy and now there’s a swarm of fruit flies all over it. I made a trap by putting the banana peel in a jar and then a funnel on top, then taped off where the two touch. So the flies can go in but can’t get out.

Still feels like theres room for improvement because there are still some fruit flies that hang around the trap but won’t go in.

I’m gonna try that.

have you tried a few strips if fly paper? It can’t hurt.

who knows maybe you got some other trash somewhere that you haven’t found.

Put a jar out with vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing soap. :] Fruit flies are attracted to the smell and the dish washing soap prevents them from climbing out the jar.

some city worker put fly traps in on a few fruit trees in my backyard. Not really sure why, but it was free. i looked at them and they seemed to work similiar to those homemade traps in the video.

Stick your tongue out & put honey all over your tongue…Wait for the flies to stick & instant meal!

There were like 1000 fruit flies at my break room not too long ago. I saw one old man who is a co-worker swatting viciously at them with newspaper while yelling expletives.

Make a little sign and put it out in front. Gotta advertise, man!

In my experience, there’s something in the room/building that’s attracting them. Those jar & funnel tricks are a waste of time. Look around in trash cans, desks, fridge, behind furniture, anywhere where there might be food attracting them. If it’s a piece of fruit or soft food, they may even be nesting in it. Find the food source, toss it out and get all of the food and crumbs out of the room, and bomb the room with Lysol, and leave the doors/windows open,
Problem solved.

Oh snap. Dinner!

Yeah I did a thorough clean and now there’s only a handful of flies left. The main culprit was the banana peel.