Fruity alcohol

Is it true that any form of alcohol that has any kind of fruit flavor to it makes it a more feminine drink?

The other day, I was drinking some Samuel Adam’s Cherry Wheat Beer. Normally I don’t bother with spin-off products, but I genuinely enjoyed it. But wait, does that mean its time to turn in my man card? Seriously, I don’t understand how this works.

You’re a bitch anyway, so what does it matter?

You never had a man card to begin with.


Please stop with your shit threads.

So are you going to stop now or do you have to ask your mom for permission?

Beguiled poops in his hand and studies it.


How do I know?

He didn’t make a thread about it.

Your threads are becoming quite lackluster as of late BeGuiled.

this isnt your strongest effort beguiled

On the real though, some of those flavored beers are strong as fuck. Their strength is hidden by their sweetness. Totally a byproduct of rape culture.

I hate Beguiled threads. I hate them because they make me miss the days when we had quality trolls. Each thread brings back memories of Spaclock, Escplan and hell even Rsigley. I miss good trolls.