Frustrated beyond belief

To my fellow Rogs, I hope you can understand when I say that I don’t feel as though Balrog is, or has been, viable in 2012. As much as I’ve been trying to cope with the changes, and I do agree Balrog has gotten better, the amount of sheer frustration that comes with helplessly playing against the same bad matchups outweighs my attempts of trying to convince myself that Balrog is still a decent character that is tournament-ready with the right knowledge and practice. I like to think that I am a decent player (4kpp//Top 8 Arcade Tourney Finishes), so I hope this doesn’t come off as a noob ranting about one loss to a counterpick online.

I have been playing Balrog since release day of Vanilla SF4 and I feel like I can’t drop him for another character because I have so much experience with him. I have alts, and I could very well go for what is considered an “S-A” Tier character, but I’m just the type of person that doesn’t want to use the best character with my dick and win games; I like to feel like I earned my wins.

Most of you are aware of the problems that Balrog has if you’ve been playing as long as I have, so I won’t go into detail of what should be fixed , because that isn’t the point of the thread and it has been discussed many times before.

To the more experienced players in the scene (Street Fighter 4 is my first fighting game), I guess my question is, “What now?”

Do I drop Rog seeing as how PRBalrog is the only person insane enough to make the character work, or do I just suck it up and train harder knowing I am at a disadvantage to, for example, experienced cammy, ibuki, guile, gief, etc players at the same level as me.

Thanks for your time!

Bad matchups have frustrated players since the dawn of time. It just makes it that much more satisfying when you figure it out, download the fuck out of the guy on the other stick, and get the win even with the odds stacked against you.

Yeah, it blows dick playing as Boxer against the characters you mentioned and we all know his downsides, but if you really want to stick with him, practice, practice, practice. Find the guys that blow you up, figure out why they’re blowing you up, and get them skillups. It all depends on whether or not your attachment to Boxer is strong enough to want to muscle through the matchups that give you trouble.

smh dude you play balrog the bully ,imagine being an e honda player fighting a sagat or guile. Now that shit is annoying plus a big disadvantage. Enough of that,i would advise you to player the player instead of playing the character. Take this into consideration

You’re a 4k pp balrog thats cool,im thinking of picking him up. I love his advantageous style and offence and defense are godlike. An to be honest seeing your post i believe it might be discouraging to new rog player. Step up your game and keeping boxing the teeth out from anyone who steps up your plate.

Your first problem is yourself. Not the character and its limitations. Just by saying, hold dick earn wins blah blah blah, one can already tell that you are holding yourself back. Who fucking cares, use top tier if you want, your current mentallity is doing you more harm than good. This idea that top tier is brain dead is false. Have you ever considered that top tier characters are simply more efficient, and expose the shitty tendencies of other players. That maybe your group of friends or opponents are shitty competition?

You can only play the player so much. There’s a point where no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to win, or the act of winning doesn’t warrant the work. Either get used to it, or do the right thing and do what champions do, counter pick.

I’m feeling the same way lately, I have to work so hard even in my good matchups and it’s tiring. I’ve been thinking about switching to Fei for a while now and after coming back from World Game Cup and watching Fei ravish people all weekend and all the best European Boxers go out in Pools my love for Balrog is dying and I really don’t think I can take him much further than I already have.

I don’t know if you feel as strongly as I do but I’ve given up, I’m sick of losing just because I’ve gone behind in life, I’m sick of having no mixup outside of throw/frametrap and I’m sick of all my damage coming from whiff punishing.

If you really don’t want to play Balrog any more, don’t. Keep him as a backup but drop the attitude of not wanting to go top tier if you really want to win, not all top tiers are brainless, it doesn’t hurt to give the ones that interest you a try.

This is exactly how I feel at this point. Simply no options. Doesn’t help that there is no one to watch anymore. Hell, even ice0age went to Adon; now that says it all.

This is also very true. And believe me I don’t discredit the people I usually face, because the majority of them are very talented players online and offline and I don’t usually say they won ONLY because of their character or mine. The problem is not that my opponents are “shitty” by any means, so please don’t falsely push that claim. And yeah I guess Yun pre-2012 just “exposed the shitty tendencies of players” loooool jk 5 yuns in every top 8. 0 rogs in every top 16…
Wake up.

And I’m just taking it casually for a while until SFxTekken. I’ve picked up Seth and Gouken and I’m actually enjoying myself quite a bit in endless battles

I understand where you guys are coming from. I’ve been there many times over the years playing rog.
The problem is you guys aren’t fresh with rog. By that, i mean you’ve been playing him so long that you recognize what you should be doing in every situation and as a result your playing has gotten stale.

I’ve been in that place; you’re at a tourney playing someone and they’re just teching all your throws and blocking all your shit. Seems like you can’t get anything really started. You feel like you need to play a character with some kind of 50/50’s or super safe offense.

I have completely stopped playing any casuals or online with rog. i don’t even hit training mode with him.
Rog comes out now only at a tourney or high stakes match. I’m able to innovate much more with him.

I’m a fairly low level player, but one thing that’s becoming clear is certain matchups necessitate taking lopsided risks. There are certain things such as Seth’s command grab mixup that just blow open Balrog’s defense and mess with how the character is designed to work. That said, like 2/3 of the cast at least is worse off than Balrog overall.

It does feel weird being one of those handful of people that have stayed loyal to a certain character throughout the entire tenure of IV. You play people and some end up saying “People still play with Balrog??” Anyway back to the topic. Don’t give up due to tactics not being as effective as previous versions of the game. Just do what I do. Take any character that you have trouble with to training mode and learn what they can and cannot do. It helps you know more about their tactics and you’ll know what to look out for. Trust me. It works. Maybe not every time but it does work. Just have fun with it. If you’re not having fun, then just take a break and come back when you feel better. No big deal.

I’m the complete opposite to Squirtguns (3rd post up).

I’ve never played in a tournament nor have I even played a single person offline… Not even once, since July '09 (When I bought Vanilla)… I’m one of those types of players who log into SF4 1-2-3 times in a week and spends between 30mins to 3hrs playing Online, and only ever with Rog.

I play a lot less of the game than I used to but I find when I get stuck in it’s hard to stop… I have only played Balrog - Being on Keyboard has reduced my options in terms of characters as I’m not interested in trying to learn quarter-circle or 360 characters on Keyboard, and the other chargers don’t seem to work as well on Keyboard than Balrog does.

More on topic, squirtguns has a point about mentality and staying loyal. Anyone who plays Rog for any length of time and learns him to any remotely great length goes from ‘learning’ him (Which is fun in itself) to having expecations shattered or just dealing a stale hand through repeat play and eventually (consistantly) fighting people who all know the Rog matchup and just seem to know how to do all that is required to keep him out and block all his crap.

Rog isn’t a mixup character as we all know - Oh sure, he can be tricky, and he has a few limited twists but ultimately anyone with decent vs Balrog experience knows he’s the most linear guy on the roster and even mediocre players know enough to prevent the bulk of Rogs options - Unfortunately it just seems designed that way with Rog being a 95% “Normal Attack” character ie. Footsies/Spacing and punishment, and no 50/50 alternative/risk/reward factor/mixups.

Despite the above (And this may be because I’m one of your typical online casual keyboard warriors who is happy to be at low/mid level) I have not gotten remotely bored of Rog, not by a long shot - I’ve still tonnes to learn and have my own aggressive/tricky groove going and I still to this day get people who comment about it, moreso to do with me being a Keyboard player than being a remotely ok Rog, but still - It’s refreshing and I don’t think I’d get that feeling if I WAS a tourny player or playing offline, because those types of opponents wouldn’t allow my scrubby shinanigans to fly.

People would say “Take a break”, others would say not to be disheartened and to “stick with it”… Truth be told we’re all different and have different solutions to our own little issues. I’ve not had a frustration issue once, so I really wouldn’t know what to suggest.

If you feel sticking with Rog to the bitter end will make you hate it more, then maybe you should do as Squirtguns does and save him as the backbone and use your time getting to grips with an alternative. If you’re just hitting one of those barriers (We all hit them at some point with extensive play or repeated use of a single character) then it could be broken in no time by sticking with him and just changing it up a bit, or not at all.

Either way I hope you resolve the issue - Always sucks to get dishevelled by the game but don’t let it drag you down too far. Shit happens.

also, think of it this way: if your opponent is blocking all of your attacks and teching all of your throws, this is what they’re not doing: mounting an offense. The fundamental thing about rog that makes him viable when everyone says “People still play rog”, is that he can rock paper scissors better than anyone else on the cast. For example, Ryu can 50/50 walk up throw, walk up dp, walk up block which means that you generally have no options that beat all three. So don’t stop pressing buttons if they’re just trying to block and tech throws, eventually either A: time will run out, or B: they’ll eat a counterhit or get thrown (or C, they attempt to mount an offense and being the smart boxer player you are, you block).

I think as rog players, a lot of us see, Yun, Oni, or Ryu and say: I want to win like that, my goal is to deplete his life, but charging in and pressing buttons all willy nilly isn’t the only way to get there. Sometimes you have to make your goal to win by chip, or to win by time out. Playing Jakob (happy medicine), showed me that 100%, that you have to be OK with having a sliver of a life lead, or reducing your entire moveset to two strengths of two attacks and two specials to get the “W”.