Frustrated/Not sure how to appoach this game

Sorry to sound like I’m whining but whenever I come to this forum wanting to learn the basics of this game, I get completely overwhelmed. I don’t really give a shit about what chars I use, I just want to learn how to play this game in the most efficient way possible and not waste time learning advanced tactics like wave dashing and super jump cancels and Fast fly/unflys and all that shit right of the bat.

So my questions:
Where can I get a basic engine guide for this game? What are some easy teams to start with? How is this game compared to other fighting games, like is there even fucking footsies in this game?

Total bitch thread I know, but I appreciate the level of skill thats offered in this game and I totally dig the hype but the game is just too bananas to try and learn it like you’d learn any other fighting game.

Also, if you’re looking for a potential protege or just a normal person to have matches with, I make a great trainee in the process. I won’t disappoint you. I’m an intermediate level player at HDR and SF4 so it’s not like I need the extreme basics. I live in NorCal if you’re curious about the connection.

Your lucky day pal…

Its good that you explained yourself well, and your needs in learning the game. First off, you want to learn the basics, like dashing, simple combos, etc. IMO, you should mix & match team combinations, like mixing Marvel w/Capcom or Capcom w/Marvel for an overall learning experience. For instance, lets say you wanted to learn how to play with Storm and Guile at the same time. Well, just combine those two so you can practice and stay fresh with both sides of the game. This way, you can learn the Marvel side (which is a bit more complex) and the Capcom side (which is a more standard fighting style) Both sides offer great combo potential, and the ability to execute with precision. As far as not caring about the characters, thats cool. But realize that there are characters that have huge advantages over others. Im sure you have skill, so do a little research with character speed, agility, power, etc. Once you get used to the basic format of the game, playing MvC2 at a considerably acceptional level will come automatically. I think thats about it for now, in about 2 months or so, come back and I’ll tell you about the advance tactics that you dont really care about (lol)…


engine guide? check the wiki


The easiest way to get into Marvel:

Play team scrub to start.

Cable (Beta Assist)
Sentinel (Gamma Assist)
Captain Commando (Beta Assist)

This team will teack you the fundamentals of marvel, including controlling space, and punishing your opponent’s mistakes.

Basic gameplay would look like this:
Use cable and superjump throwing gernades, or shooting your gun in order ot keep your opponent out. Cable will control Horizontal space.
If your opponent starts going in the space that you are not vertically controlling, learn how and when you can assist with captain commando, to control vertical space.
You absolutley need to learn how to TK (Tiger Knee) cable’s AHVB (Airbourne Hyper Vyper Beam) in order to punish your opponent for making a mistake.
The motion for this is :db: :d: :df: :f: :uf: + :lp: + :hp:
This allows cable to nearly instantly attack your opponent from any range, and this can be comboed into itself with practice, to do massive damage to your opponent.
In addition Sentinel’s :qcf: :lk: :hk: super can be comboed into itself as well with proper timing, and you can advance from super -> super -> super to super -> laser -> super -> laser, and even further on to laser -> rocket punch -> super -> laser -> rocket punch -> super and so forth.
You can also start learning more advanced tactics once you feel comfortable with these basics, such as guard breaking, and more intricate sentinel use.

This video shows exactly how powerful cable can be in changing the balance of a match:
Sanford vs Duc @ Evo 2006

And this video shows a good example of team scrub in use:
Justin Wong vs Sanford @ Evo 2009

I dunno if I’ve ever been less surprised than by this suggestion…

Unless you call the fundamentals of marvel calling sent drones, spamming the mando button when they jump, or nailing assists with ahvb… the fundamentals of mahvel… he might want to try teams that are meant to actually FIGHT the opponents team.

You can tell players online who learned like this… they do ok til you make it past their mando a single time and start up a combo… mix the shit out of em… and then reset into oblivion… and they’ve no real idea how to stop you… b/c they learned the game as… stay far away, spam projectiles… call mando if needed… this works for good players who know what to do when you get close… not at all for new players.

You can’t learn to control space or punish the opps mistakes when you can barely play. You can go through the motions… but that just makes your demise that much easier.

He asked about learning the basic’s and actually understanding the game. Jump back call mando all day + ahvb assist/sent stomp stomp stomp/ call mando some more… will NOT teach you the game. He wants to be good… not beat up on scrubs easily. Yes the team is good… but its good for different people… for different reasons. For a vet it is a GOOD team… for a scrub its a scrub team. That’s why its called team scrub. If he was asking “how can I compete with decent players without putting in much time, effort, or learning much?” then team scrub would be a fine answer.

Since he was asking how to actually learn the game… I’d say you learn one thing at a time. Most of us learned this stuff way back b4 tiers or players who’d rock yer ass before you could learn anything…

So to actually answer your question…

Learn to block. It’s mostly blocking high then switching to low with the proper timing. Some toons are fast enough to make you block hi then low then high again real quick. some are even fast enough to go high, low, and use a quick jump/air dash down to make you block low again instead of high… lil tricky… you get used to it.

Now add a quick anti air assist to the situation… don’t call it randomly or flagrantly… call it when they are jumping in. If it’s obvious they will expect it… vary your timing on the call…

Once you got that down… Learn to roll… Learn to tech out of throws. Both are absolutely key. If I see you can’t roll… or suck at it… I can 75% - 100% you with almost anyone… same goes for throws. You wont roll/tech 100% of the time… but showing your opp you’ll do it at least 50% is enough that they’ll have to question the best course of action in certain situations.

Ok… now you are 1/2 way to a point where you CAN learn.

Now for offense… you should know by now that most combos are based out of the magic series… some characters can do magic series to a launcher… if you do a launcher… just hold up afterward and do another magic series in the air… you should be able to do this near mindlessly with all characters. Once you can… try different normals… trying canceling to different things… timing things differently… and you will discover better combos.

Last piece of beginner advice. Don’t randomly do shit. THIS is how most scrubs lose. They just pull out a special move, assist, hyper, or wtver… when there is no reason to pull it out… or chance for it to connect. Then they miss… and lose… timing is EVERYTHING in this game… you can lose for the first 85 out of 99 seconds but if you are patient you can still win in the closing seconds! That’s how mahvel rolls…

Again… you won’t actually get much better by picking team scrub… and spamming projectiles til they jump at you… then doing mando AAA xx ahvb. You might win… but you won’t get better. There is a huge difference. This is a game where an average player can beat a good player by using a better team… it doesn’t make average player any less average… or teach him quality play.

You need a FULL grasp of the game before you will beat good players… picking an overpowered team and using the cheapest tactics available might net you wins online against low tier players… but if improvement is what you seek… play ALL the characters til you find what flows best for you… then work, improve, replace team members, strategize… ect… out of that…

those vids he linked… while showing some very quality play… might as well be reruns of the brady bunch for all it will help a new player… do not attempt to emulate justin wong while learning the basics of the game (flashing back to chumpy playground kids playing basketball… and preforming their “jordan” moves while throwing away the ball over the top of the backboard.)

No offense scrogg… i think your team advice would be great had his question been “Ok, I understand the basics but I still can’t seem to ever win” but at the level it sounds like he’s at… i think he’d watch vids of sent doing refly or cable gb’ing… and either draw nothing or the WRONG conclusions… considering he likely doesn’t even know what those things are.

Here is what helped me,

Best thing you did was sign up on this forum. The people here have helped me get MUCH better all the Info is here.

That said its a lot to digest take a little at a time and work on it. A lot of what I read here has to be used a few times in game situations before I feel comfortable with it to act on it.

Learn the assists for each character and their properties (For example I know Ken Anti-Air will bust through anything on his way up)

Learn team synergy like who works well with each other and more imporabtly why.

And the big one is learn patience and figure out what moves will punish the opponent when the leave themselves open. Like knowing a ground Hyper beam leaves Cable way open while an air one does not.

And Finally Experience. Go out get your ass beat and if the guy is nice enough ask him to show you how he did it. People that nice on LIVE are rare but invaluable if you can find them.


That was so well put, I had to compliment you on your response to that particular advice. Noobs playing Cable/Sent will feel as if they are actually good because of the character reputation, but those characters need a lot of practice and skill to play with. Against other noobs, it might not be that bad. But eventually you will play better competition, not necessarily great players but decent players who understand the properties of those characters. On the other hand, he did go through and explain how to play that team, so he didnt just suggest them as if its a cheap style. Most noobs know about those commands and combos with Cable etc., but the exectuion may be lacking in their skill. So, instead of actually suggesting a team for him, just explain the mechanics of the game so he can get used to movement, mobility, agility, etc. This is maybe the most important aspect of learning MvC2, because these attributes can make or break you in a match. Overall, I think he may have gave advice from a experienced level, in which he forgot that the guy is just starting out. Sometimes you have to remember that some people are new at this game, so starting from the very basics will really establish a legitimate learning experience.

I am having a similar problem right now. It kinda gets to me cause this is my favourite game ever and it hurts that Im so terrible at it. There is something Im not quite grasping about this game despite playing it for a few months now.

Anyways I play online and have regular offline casuals- if I record them and put them up here would people be willing to give advice and constructively break down matches?

I am sure people would help if you gave them a link to a few matches. Just make sure you put both losses and wins up there. You can learn way more from a loss than a win IMO.

Sweet, will do. Even though my loses are at times embarrising I’ll be sure to put them up. Apart from the obvious execution errors, Im not sure where I am going wrong- my fundementals need a lot of work.

You got access to a 360 ?I could help you there with some basic tips. Otherwise keep reading the forums the stuff to get you better is all here.

add me on psn… I’ve be happy to run some matches with you… starting with the time turned off… and take it slow. Let you do your attack patterns and try your stuff… let you know what you shouldn’t be doing or what you can add. Mahvel is a game that takes crazy execution at high levels… but for low to mid level play… it’s one of the least.

You like zone teams or rush teams? balanced teams? who do you play? you fully comfortable and have integrated solid D? Thats where it all starts.

I prefer rush teams, Im not really into chipping and such so I have been trying to use MSP (yawn I know). This is for games offline though.

On psn due to Mags teleporting and such I have recently started to focus on learning mid to lower chars. So I’ve been using Gambit/Morrigan/Son Son- thrown in some Omega, Rougue, Cammy and Hood- haven’t found a team that clicks yet but I will settle soon enough.

Don’t have x-box mkeller so can’t play you unfortunately. I’ll add you though MadTitan and hopefully I catch you online when my internet is free. Thanks.

Easiest team will be megaman/cable/tron just build meter with megaman AHVB with cable assist with tron.

Not if he wants to actually learn the game. projectile spam + broken assist doesn’t really teach you that much… and if you aren’t that good at it… its pretty easy to get around for even average players.

Hence why I posted what i posted… I read that as “I just want to play efficiently” (win) and the game is too bananas to try and learn…

Dear OP and any other new players feeling the same way,
Please take to heart the things strogg has posted, and ignore the rest. Starting off with Scrub (Cable/Sent/CapCom) is the best way to get your feet into the game and learning the fundamentals with the minimum amount of studying and frustration.

If I could rep you Strogg, I would.

Umm, I think thats such a cruel and selfish thing to say. Other members offer good advice to newbs, and they benefit from it very well. You dont have to be a premiere member to give great advice. Starting out with Cable/Sent/Capcom only makes the newb think he is on a certain level of skill, when they are literally just starting out. That team cant teach fundamentals, because all of those characters are some of the worst characters as far as the basics (mobilty, dash, cr.defense, aerial combos, etc.) You want to actually start with characters that have above average attributes, like Ryu, Cammy, Psylocke, characters that are easy to perform simple combos with and are very mobile.

To give some basics, heres some basic stuff with Capcom, then after that there is some basic stuff with Marvel



You say you prefer MSP, well you better get your execution down pretty fast with that team. MSP requires a lot of concentration, and a superb level of execution. Im sure you know how to ROM already, but work on Mags & Storm’s mobility within the execution of combos. Just simply learning the ROM doesnt mean much, you have to work on other aspects of MSP. Work on wave dash manipulation, air dash manipulation and G-Breaks on incoming characters. With Storm, you have to manage her lightweight extremely well, she can be hard to control within a match. A lot of people tend to airdash/ rushdown, to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of her gliding around (Im sure you know about that) So, work on that as well…BODY CONTROL. Psylocke is relatively easy to play with, but there are some things you need to be aware of. The most important thing I can think of, is her frames incoming onto the screen, she is easily guard-broken. So, when coming in, jab or anything, to kinda distract your opponent from concentrating on a G-Break. Also, work on cross-ups with Storm proj. to keep pressure on an opponent. Practice with Psylocke as much as Mags & Storm, she is essential to the team. That way, when she is snapped in, you have the confidence to battle with her for a decent amount of time.

I actually can not do the rom. I have trouble connecting the dashdown ~lk after the two rising sj lks. I kinda rely on the 5 fierce or go for a reset after I barely get off a rep or two off the rom…My msp is really scrubby like.

That is actually great information though, and stuff I would actually like to know. I actually like the way storm and mag move which is one of the reasons I like to use them- but theres little intricate things that I struggle with, which you have shed some light on.

If it was up to me- I would practice with MSP all day. However, whenever msp comes up, people moan and groan cause they have seen it all before. Its as if I’ve come into marvel 10 years too late. Reluctantly, I have started trying to pick up chars I care less about just to get some matches in. Where I am at, nobody plays or cares about Marvel and online is the main source of matches for me- which is no good for msp. Im thinking of just recording my matches and posting them up for feedback or whatever.

Thanks for the advice though, I’ll be sure to work on the stuff you mentioned.