I’ve been playing SSF4 alot lately and my game was really getting better, but then I hit a wall recently. My execution is pretty good, pretty much 100% for all specials on my main, however, where I’m having trouble is combos.

I’ve been practicing a couple basic combos involving 2-3 links to a cancel and vice versa for about an hour a day for 2 or 3 days, but I just can’t seem to get it any more consistently than about 20% of the time.

Is there a trick to linking, or do I just need to keep practicing and eventually I’ll get it down?

Which combos exactly on and on which character?

Also, I think you need to link the normals to be able to cancel into specials. Like Akuma’s c.jabx3 > lk.Tatsu, the jabs need to be linked and not chained. Maybe that’s your problem?

  1. There are two techniques that can help you with linking, and they’re called p. linking and double tapping. I’ll post the thread link later when I edit this post.

  2. Yeah, practice does help. I kept on doing Cody’s easy hit-confirm over and over in training and in actual matches and I’ve been real consistent. It’s mainly patience and determination. You just have to get better timing, and remember that if nothing comes out, you’re hitting a button too fast, and if the hit is getting blocked, then you’re too slow.

Take a break; you won’t learn anything if you play while frustrated. Developing execution is like learning an instrument, it takes a lot of time and practice. Keep challenging yourself and links will naturally become easier to preform over time.

I feel frustrated sometimes too. Usually I can punch and right away special move. Punch then hadoken press down then punch, move to forward and let go of punch. But however I cannot do saving cancel, it always makes saving attack.

I learned a lot though. Most important to watch other players’ Ultra Combo Meter and EX Meter. Armor break is difficult to know when it happens.

Speaking of armor break, saving attack can hold armor but I never know what to do when the other player is holding. I can hit them but they always hit me after into combo. I tried holding saving attack too but the other player is able to armor break me.

I think I am too slow because I cannot block fast enough. Sometimes, hadoken hits me because I didn’t press back soon. Hardest is blocking throw and low hits.

It just takes time, there’s no real way to speed up training else than making sure you get regular practice without overdoing it and getting burnt out from it. 2 to 3 days in the scheme of things is nothing. The tricky part after getting the link down in training room is finding a sufficient way to get proper combo practice in games.

Plinking really only helps you improve your links reliability. Any combo that i can get a majority of the time, if i stop plinking, i’ll hit the link just as much, even for 1 framers. I’ve never suddenly hit a combo with plinking but not normally. Also, sometimes you can simplify a combo so it’s more newbie friendly albeit less damage, telling us what combo you’re using can help.

Frustrated? Then quit. Otherwise man up, practice, and put in the time it takes to become decent.

Oh and if you aren’t practicing against offline opponents, you’re wasting your time.

Street fighter is not a game that you can buy and then be really good at over night. Just be patient if you really want to get down your motions go play ts or alpha 3. The controls are more strict soo you can then perfect your muscle memory.

You’d think that in the Newbie Forum where a player is sincerely seeking help, that you wouldnt see this type of comment. I don’t think the OP even mentioned that he was gonna quit, nor did he say he didnt wanna practice. SMH

Anyways, I would say you can 1) WATCH VIDEOS to learn combos/timing 2) Muscle Memorize links and combos, Focus Attacking starters help to learn combos 3) Don’t play SF when you are angry. I play SSF4 every other day or two, never every night. This on-and-off pattern allows me to play at my leisure as opposed to an addiction, where im forcing myself to be good. Naturally, im learning what to do and what not to do, and im getting better every single time I play. This might help you also.
I never get frustrated as long as I realize the need to get better, practice in training room, and accept my losses, but more importantly LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.
You should make it a habit of THINKING while you play. Yes, I said it. This game is strangely similar to a chess match, where every move will land you at another position of importance. Alot of times I fight people and they focus on simply fighting, throwing out their best array of moves and combos in hopes of simply overpowering me. but this game has far more to do than memory of inputs. You need to THINK, ANALYZE, AND REACT to everything that happens in the game, not play robotically. This will add a level of enjoyment to the game, a mental toughness if you will.

Drink something cold while you play, like water (not a Red Bull lol). It will keep you more relaxed when you play. Or at least thats my little secret lol

That’s big. At least for me. I will play horrible if I’m mad.

Good post poptags :slight_smile:

I just started playing this game myself maybe 4-5 days ago, and links have been my most frustrating road block so far… One thing that helps me that others in this thread have mentioned, is to not play/practice when you are angry; It makes playing the game miserable (for me atleast), and my already terrible execution noticeably regresses…

Been watching youtube guides like crazy to get better, and it’s immensely helped overall.

Smoke herb, if your still frustrated smoke MORE.

^lol practice makes perfect. you’ll get a feeling of satisfaction once you consistently nail your combos & your opponent.

I literally lol’d good tip in the grand scheme of things, but it may be detrimental to sf play me thinks.

Play gief. You dont need combos. I placed 9th at a Major with 250 people there without using a single link.