Frustrating Walk-Stop Input Observations

UPDATE: Learned from feedback that this is a hardware (maybe software) issue. On keyboard input, this issue doesn’t occur, returning to joystick input, the issue persists. Specs are: XBOX360 MadCatz Fightstick Tournament Edition ‘S’ with the following hardware

UPDATE 2: Issue goes away when input selector is switched from LS (Left Analog) to DP (directional pad). I’m guessing Left Analog floods the input buffer faster than the game or hardware can process it.

ORIGINAL: Kind of hard for me to explain, so I posted a video below. The basics are that every character has a forwards and backwards walk animation that plays to completion if you leave the input in past a certain frame then return to neutral. Even after returning to neutral, the game still treats the remaining animation frames as active input frames for other commands (such as Ryu’s f MP if you are moving forward). Beware when playing the footsie game with this.

Link: Video Removed

Dont use the joysticks on analog, it gives lag and the issues you talk about. Always go with the dpad option on TE sticks.

+1 for Dime_x, this has been a well-known issue that has existed from the very beginning. The only reason LS/RS exists is if you need compatibility somehow to emulate the analog stick. Since Analog inputs are designed to be variable-strength, the joystick cranks its value up to 100% almost immediately, but it still takes a second for that value to drop back down to 0%.

On Directional Pad (DP) mode, it’s digital/discrete strength, so it’s ONLY one of two options: on or off.

The manual for your joystick should’ve explained this?