Yeh so im fairly new to SSF 4 AE, but i practiced alot and learned links and combos. But i need a sparring partner with a mic to get practice against an actual opponent since whenever i go on online matches i react so badly and cant punish at all.
Xbox GT: Royaldeath02

no need to type TroubleBrewing. ill take this one. just plz close this

Welcome to SRK. Please use the online outlets section for online matchmaking.

we also need something that forces new users to read the rules section before posting a new thread

We also need something that prevents new users from answering questions in the newbie section. Half the people who answer these threads registered two weeks ago and are fucking clueless.

ah thanks for the link Volcanic
and yeh you’re right ILahar, but i just wanted some criticism on my playstyle

Oh shit i really thought i was posting this in the online outlet section in the first place, my bad

Use the abuse button/notify a moderator (me!).

Giving bad advice here is the same as trolling. People have even been banned for it many times before.