I’m sure lots of you have, or still do get frustrated when playing online for various reasons. I’m still working on getting better, and for the moment I’m lingering at about the 400-500BP mark, while I’ve got Juri to about 600-700PP. So I’m not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination.

And I do expect to lose lots still!

But some losses have been bugging me a bit, firstly its the ones against players who are clearly far better than what their points suggest and are dicks about it. Example being I played a Ryu player who was around 100PP and BP, as I was searching for same skill, I never take points lightly, So I certainly didn’t scoff at his points and expect an easy game. But this guy absolutely blew me up, he was doing very long high damaging combos, FADC’s, the lot! He was probably up there as one of the highest level players I’ve faced if I’m honest. So I assume he was either playing at a mates house, or had started a new account. Neither I have a problem with. What really bugged me was that at the end of the second round, he’d got 2 lengthy combos off and had me down to about 10% health and dizzy, then stopped to taunt before finishing me off with the perfect. Surely he knew he had the ability to blow me up when he saw my points, so adding in the taunt at the end really pissed me off tbh.

The other game type that bugs me, more than it really should, is when I’m having a nice fairly evenly matched game with someone, and it is my character/matchup knowledge that screws me over. The main example this time was a really close fought game between my Juri and a Guile player. I won the first round and he the second. Third round was quite close, with both on low health, he whiffed his Ultra 1, which I knew was 3 flash kicks, so I buffered my Ultra 2, to catch him on the way down from the third flash kick which would’ve won me the game. Only what I didn’t know was that when Guile whiffs his Ultra 1, only 2 of the flash kicks came out. So my Ultra also whiffed, and he punished with an EX flash kick to finish me off.

At least I know what cost me the round/game, and I now know that when it whiffs Guile only does 2/3 kicks. So you know, at least I’ve learnt something and all that jazz. But it still bugs me, probably more than it should =p

TLDR - Some losses bug me more than they should, what bugs/frustsrates you when playing online?


While I’m by no means qualified to give any sort of gameplay advice, seeing as I’m the newbiest of the newbies at the moment, I can tell you that you shouldn’t let things like taunting get to you. Most of the games I play end up with a few ribbons in a puddle of blood where my Juri used to be, but it’s okay, because I expect to lose. You’ve obviously learned when to punish Guile’s whiffed Ultra, and that is worth more than just hearing the announcer say “Joo-ree wins!”


You shouldn’t let taunting get to you (esp if you’re up against Dan), since it was sorta in his right to do so. Also, my speculation on his apparent newbie status - I agree with the second possibility, he became strong in the offline play and then he decided to try out the online competition. Could happen ~(* v * )~

Also: losing in general bugs me, but dropping that crucial link only to get SPD/reversaled in return especially hurts. (Or when you mash that button too fast, so it doesn’t come out - oh, the woes of an ELF player.)


General taunting doesn’t usually get to me that much, sure I’ll go “oh no you didn’t” and try to up my game further, and if I lose I’ll definitely try for a salty rerun lol. This one just really bugged me because of the skill difference, made me more angry than it should tbh, to the extent I turned the PS3 off, as I’d only play badly following how pissed I was lol.

Yeh, learning is more important than wins at this point in time, and I get that, I was just a bit frustrated because my punish should’ve got me the win, and it was to be a hard fought win etc, when all I had to do was dash before doing the Ultra >__< But I know now for next time, and I guess because it has bugged me so much it should stick in my memory at least =D


I used to go to tennis practice when I was younger, and one of the things my trainer would tell me while I was playing against someone else was “Focus on doing the motions right, focus on the ball, not on how many more points you need”. Losing is only really bad (In online play and in casual punchfests at your friend’s house) if you can’t make the most of it by learning. So don’t let it get to you. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you have the option of taunting before a perfect.


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