FRXI Avatars page

Prem, Reg, Big, Small, ugly… well not that ugly! Send them to me and I’ll put them up on this page! Let’s try to have them all in one place so people can pick and choose as they please. :woot:


:tup: Great job Popular. Here’s the Final Round XI promotional avatar I made if you want to add it to the page:

FRXI Crunknificent:

:wonder: Final Round is less than a month away… dood!

what no chun li love? or storm? or iron man? man im hurt.

Yessss sir!

since you had the old FRX avatar for like a 8months after the tournament! I’ll make a premium with those characters in them.

any Crunknificent AV’s for people w/out Premium accounts?

That should be in the works! I just updated the page… there are 12 regular size avatar to pick from now.

check yo pm

man you fuckin rock im rocking this shit for a minute.

Tight av’s monkee but i’ll rock the one yeadood made for me since he got me a premium one!

Anyone willing to make one for me? Looking for one like I have now but with Sakura from Alpha 3 instead of GG Axl.