FS: 1 Blast City parts cab left


I have 1 Sega Bass Fishing/Blast City cabinet left for sale. Located in the Phoenix, AZ area.1 is basically a parts cabinet or a real fixer upper, it’s missing the monitor bezel, coin door, marquee plastic and a corner of the control panel is cracked. The cabinet come with the stock sega model 003 wiring harness, 29 inch tri-sync monitor that has a vga input, and bass fishing control panel. No game boards included. The monitor does have some burn-in but nothing too terrible. $325 for the fixer upper/parts cab. Price does not include shipping. I may be willing to part out the cab if the prices are right.

More pics




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very nice cabs :slight_smile:

u shoulda made the thread blast city cabs for sale in az or arcade cabs


I am looking for pink balltop. How much for one balltop shipped if you will sell it?


I’m interested and almost local. I started a conversation with you.


do you have nay pics of the atomiswave? didnt see any on photobucket


Sorry only selling as a whole

I’ll get some up soon. Probably over the weekend.


I am interested in the one against the back wall. Any way I can get more pictures of that one?
Also, do you know where I can get an official blastcity marquee and instruction card?


I wish I had room for all of this stuff.


Hey Skeletim, I found this post in the AZ thread dated april 19th. It sounds like all of the Blastcitys may be spoken for?:sad: Let me know if you have any left? Also, I would be interested in the Atomiswave. Thanks!

"Random local that said he was on here just picked up 2 of them so I’m down to 4 now. Here’s who I have left.
Mosque interested in 1, shipping quote sent
FrankCastleAz interested in 2, local pick up or delivery
Rcaido interested in 1, shipping quote sent

This guys have first priority at them moment. I’m just awaiting their decisions"


Sorry for the slow responses, I’ve been really busy this week. I’m gonna try to get pics up of the Atomiswave this weekend.

Nope, FrankenCastleAz bought one but the other guys lost interest. I started out with 7 to sell and now I’m down to 4.


Lot’s of pics and a new item coming very soon.


New item added will have pics up either tonight or tomorrow morning.


Pics are up!!!


nice Karnov




would be all over this if closer…i head to parker az alot though …


I’m about 3 1/2 hours one way from parker. Just sayin…


damn bro i wont be out to parker till maybe labor day ,has any one vested intrest in the best condition blast?