FS: 1 Custom Joystick, Xbox 360, and More (So-Cal)


Xbox 360 System with extras
Selling a recently picked up xbox 360 system. Comes with two controllers. The power supply and the a/v cable and 20gig hard drive.

Asking $150 picked up I’m in west covina. Will ship if buyer pays for fees.

Street Fighter 4 Collectors edition
Comes with the game, the movie that hasnt been opened yet, the viper figurine, and the game guide.

Asking $40 local pick up I’m in west covina. Will ship if buyer pays for fees.

Selling both of these for my friend. Its a poplar wood joystick. Doesnt have artwork thats why the top is like that. Comes with top and bottom acrylic. Also has sanwa JLF joystick thats almost like new. 6 Seimitsu 30mm ps-14 clear skeleton buttons almost like new and also 3 seimitsu 24mm white with black rim buttons.

**Asking $90obo local pick up I’m in west covina. Will ship if buyer pays for fees.

**(FRIEND SOLD IT)**Mdf custom joystick with dual modded with xbox 360 and ps2 pcb’s Has Sanwa JLF and 6 sanwa snap ins 30mm and 3 seimitsu white buttons. Works like a charm. **(FRIEND SOLD IT)
Asking $115 obo picked up in west covina or will ship if you pay fee’s.


pm sent


Do you still have the controller? If so pm me Ill take it. 6 button layout or 8?


thats a sweet deal on the controller


BUMP for an awesome seller! GL with the sale.


good deal


Sorry guys gave the controller to my friend thegoat89. Joystick box still for sale.



I’m interested in the dual modded stick.

I can do local pickup real quick. Just curious on what the black color is from? Is that a spray painted mdf board?

And is the artwork simply under the plexi and can therefore be removed?

And is this about the same size as a Madcatz SE stick or what?

If all is well I’ll take this.


New price on stained joystick box


MDF Joystick is sold!


Lowered the price on the TE Stick and sf4 game. Throw me offers if you’re interested.


that artwork on that TE is hilarious! :rofl: I’d get it just for that if I didn’t already have 2 360 sticks.


All pm’s answered.


Lowered prices on xbox 360, Te stick, and sf4 collectors game


SF4 collectors edition Pending Sale


Buyer flaked on sf4 game. All things still available!!!


TE Stick not for sale anymore. All other things available!!