FS: 13 gamecube 14 N64 6 expansion pak

Hi I have a rather large lot of gamecube and n64 console to sell or trade off.

I have 13 gamecube consoles they have scratchs but work good.

I have 14 Nintendo 64 console’s they all work but some are missing the memory paks.

I also have 6 official N64 ram expansion paks.

asking $12.00 shipped for each expansion pak.

$16.00 shipped per n64 console working
$13.00 shipped per n64 console with no pak.

gamecube console’s make an offer I also am willing to part some of these consoles if somebody just needed parts I am sure I have every make and model for the consoles.

I do have some cords and controls but only a few came with accessories.

I also am willing to trade some of this stuff for:

  1. xbox 360 hitachi dvd drive 40’s or 50’s rom series only
  2. Intec gamecube LCD screen preffer black but may consider other colors
  3. xbox 360 wireless controller
  4. xbox 360 quik charge station with battery
  5. arcade button and joysticks
  6. black gamecube controller
  7. willem programmer

I accept paypal only no money orders or checks.

thanks for looking

is it $16 for a N64 with expansion pack??

no it is for a regular stock console with the regular pak I would let them go with the expansion pak for $25.00 shipped each

I will drop the N64 console with the RAM EXPANSION PAK to $22.00 shipped.

and these do work 100%.