FS: 19" LG LCD monitor and Hori ps3 PCB

i am selling a like-new 19" lcd monitor manufactured by LG. the monitor is a week old. the reason i am selling is because i found a bigger sized monitor that suited my needs. the price i’m asking for is $180 (shipping included). the retail price is $220. here is a link to the same model monitor:


i also have a ps3 PCB from the hori real arcade pro for sale (comes with quick disconnects and turbo/home button panel)… $35 shipped.

I want, are you going to the C3 major May 24th? If so can I just pick it up from you there for $150?

the fuck???:wtf:

It’s extremely disrespectful to hijack sale threads :/.


Fuck thats a good ass price. i wish i wouldn’t have bought that exact monitor at the store :annoy:

You Fail.

hey, that’s pretty cool. i didnt even know i was selling 2 dell monitors as well. gdlk!!!

My bad bro. I definitely wasn’t trying to hijack ur sale. I apologize for any misunderstanding and for offending anyone in ur thread. My fought. Sorry and won’t happen again.

Just keep that in mind next time and you’ll be alright.

Carry on.

LG monitors are better than the Samsung-made Dell monitors, so don’t go by that. you’re paying more, but you get a better product.