FS- 1944 Loop Master (japanese) CPS2 kit

Got a CPS2 1944 Loop Master (supported by 8ing/raizing) Japanese region boardset for sale.

I bought the kit BRAND new, zero plays on the counter. Item was never tested as it was an unopened box but I still took the risk in hopes it would not show up deaded out. Ended up working and I personally put a fresh battery in it just last week. Just to avoid any confusion I have played the game since buying so there will be some plays on the counter when you recieve it.

This is an awesome and really hard game and is a vertical shooter played on a horizontal monitor, like Giga Wing and mars matrix. 

This set includes everything to make it a complete kit minus the CPS2 box which I opted to keep as it was the thing I was really after. Anyways, it includes the following items, all in japanese and 100% original....

-Marquee (brand new-unused)
-Movelist (brand new-unused)
-1944 loop master manual (brand new-unused)
-original poster (brand new- unused)
-CPS2 feet (brand new-unused)
-CPS2 board clips (brand new-unused)
-CPS2 A & B boards (both of which are in pristine condition)

I am going to get some pics up in the AM and might even throw a quick video up on youtube or something just for those who havent seen/played the game.

Price is 150.00 plus shipping which unless I hear otherwise from the buyer will be sent as priority mail with delivery confirmation. International is fine, just please let me know an exact shipping address so I can provide an accurate EMS quote. I paid around 220 for this just a few weeks ago so I figure that makes the box which I am keeping knock the price down by 60. Boards will be wrapped in anti static wrap and all artwork etc. will be reinforced between 2 pieces of cardboard.
Dont worry about the paypal fees.

I would love to accept trades but cannot do so on this one, need that money to travel. Feel free to PM me with questions.

Thanks for looking!