FS: (2) 19" LCD HDTV's, 5ms Response Time (Ebay)

Hello there. I am selling (2) 19" PHILIPS LCD HDTV’s on Ebay currently. I used these at a couple tournaments I ran but other than they have remained in the box.

I can’t comment on the lag as I can play on anything and don’t really notice it. Nobody seemed to complain at my events.

You can see the listings here and if you would like to buy without using Ebay let me know.

Philips 19PFL3504D 19’’ LCD Television (HDTV) - eBay (item 320556275830 end time Jul-06-10 12:28:47 PDT)

Philips 19PFL3504D 19’’ LCD Television (HDTV) - eBay (item 320556276304 end time Jul-06-10 12:29:56 PDT)

If one is left after the ebay ends, let me know, maybe we can make a deal.

Couple days left on Ebay. Selling on there for $140 shipped. I really can’t go lower because I will lose Ebay fee’s plus the shipping.

If interested PM me though.

alright well never mind then, for an extra $40 i can get a new tv with a warranty, good luck selling though