FS: 2 Arcade Joysticks and a SSFX Jamma

I have for sale 2 arcade joysticks that can be used for the Playstation/Playstation 2. Each joystick is $30. Both joysticks each have happ parts and inside is a psx pcb.

First Joystick

Second Joystick

I also have a Super Street Fighter 2 X (Japanese Version) arcade Jamma board. I’m selling this for $80.

Since I live in the Los Angeles area, I could meet anyone almost anywhere in the Los Angeles area and I can sell it to you in person. If you’re not from the Los Angeles area I could ship it out but it will cost more for shipping depending on where you live. If you’re interested email me at:


I’ll only be reading those who are seriously interest on my email. Thanks for reading.

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