FS: 2 Assembled Cthulus and 1 Imp board

EDIT: ALL items have been sold! Thanks everyone!

My stick modding days have been put on hold. I have two assembled Cthulus and one Imp board for sell. I bought the Cthulus for $40 each, and I’m selling them for $35 a piece. One is brand new, the other was used for a few days, and taken out (assembled, so no soldering done to it). I will sell the Imp board for $10.

If anyone would like two Cthulus and the imp, I’ll sell a package deal for $70 + shipping (which should not be more than $5 or $6 via USPS Priority Mail).

I live in Avondale, AZ, and any AZ-scene member should be able to vouche for me. I’m the guy who plays Rog and wears a custom-made shirt with “SurfKahuna” on the front, and Balrog on the back :). Trust me, they know me. Haha!

UPDATE: I just sold a Cthulu. However, when I got the Cthulu out to package it for shipping, I found that I had three Cthulus, not two. Therefore, I still have two Cthulus left along with the Imp board.

Also, shipping is $4.80. Thanks!

cant really buy but if your looking for any 360 pcbs i hvae 2. ex2 hori and madcats se full harness with turbo hori case let me know if interested 360 just died so i need something for my ps3


lol you know you can’t sell but keep trying to sell anyway

man i am just trying to be able to play again my shitty 360 RRODed (2nd one) and dont have a ps3 joystick cant play on a gamepad just looking not to spend money just looking for anyone that wants them for a cthulhu but my just break down and buy it soon

I’m interested in an assembled board, let me know if one is still available?

Still have two available.

do you have any unassembled cthulus or are they all assembled?

also, I’d drop the imp price, you can buy for 10 on gamingnow and MCM.

I only have the two assembled Cthulus. You can always de-solder the screw connectors and USB port, but that’s a bit redundant. Might as well hold out for an unassembled one if that’s your thing.

The imp is brand new, hence the reason I listed it for 10. I’ll most likely sell the imp locally, as I have a few people who want it (and are lazy or don’t have $10 right now).

I’ll take a Cthulhu if you still have one available if its a MC Cthulhu.

Actually, both of the Cthulus are PS3/PC.

I’ll take both boards and the imp. Since i’m posting from my phone i’ll pm u later to finalize the deal eh?

SOLD! All items sold. Thanks everyone.