FS: 2 B15 Sticks, Sanwa Clears, JLF, PS360 (WILL BE ATTENDING SCR)




These sticks are dual modded with LED’s.

The only difference is, there is now a yellow balltop on the makoto stick and both sticks have metallic shaft covers.

Each stick cost 500-600 to purchase.

I am selling it for 400 OBO each. They are in perfect condition.

PM for details.



PS360 Board, came from an older stick. 50 dollars
New Clear Sanwas x 8 = 36 dollars for the set
Sanwa JLF with a softer spring = 20 bucks
Rose Balltop= 35 dollars


I will have all of this at SCR. Please come by the J&J modding table for details. Ask for Joe or James Or Andreas.

God damn! These sticks is sick. Good luck with your sale

Those are some mighty beautiful sticks you have there. Good luck on the sale.

Thanks guys!

I recently quit my job due to it affecting my school a little too much and have not been working enough at my day job and im in a little bit of debt. definetly don’t want these sticks out of my life!

Gasp! Ur the owner of those sticks! I admire them on b15s page all the time, but I can’t afford another b15 stick I was lucky enough to get Lefty’s old stick b15 stick as cheap as I did… If I had the money that Darkstalkers one would be mine

I’m just drooling over all these sticks. I wish man.

Goddamn, you have no idea how badly I want that damn 'Stalker’s stick. Bump and gl.

I’m in a pretty tight bind guys. I just got raped by bills + tax payments. I will take reasonable offers.


Do you live in California because ill pay in cash.

He lives in Canada.
But he is coming to California to visit me.
That is why he needs the money, to pay back.

He will be at SCR.

I can sell it at SCR.

Which one are you interested in?

How long has it been used? I live in Richmond BC too, I’m interested in one, but your price kinda out of my budget, what’s the lowest u will sell for? let me know thx.

Seeing these sticks in person $400 is a steal for the craftsmanship involved in both customs…

don’t you post on RS too?

Make me an offer. I really dislike the lowest price stuff.

And they have only been used for 4-5 months at espot gatherings.

Just for the record, the final receipt price for these sticks is 600 dollars to be custom made. So if you are looking to spend 200 these are not the sticks for you.

lol I do, I’m kinda short on cash though :P. Are u willing to trade for any automotive air tools + Cash. I have a bunch of Ingersoll Rands air tools, air compressor etc. (all under 1 year of use)

P.S. Example: Ingersoll Rands 2100G (http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/6/Tools/1/CompressorsAirTools/ImpactWrenches/PRD~0587703P/Ingersoll+Rand+1%2B2-in.+Impact+Wrench.jsp?locale=en) + $200 Cash.

cash only.

If ur desperate enough you’ll take what u can lol, I got a multi console b15 stick w/ LEDs everywhere not just buttons for $270 and its gorgeous the guy really needed cash

Yeah but that is to low of a hit to take. He is gonna get that 400, these things are awesome to look at and I’m sure they are sturdy as hell. GL bro

I dont disagree, I seriously got lucky, but im sayin if he needs money that bad almost anything above $250 is fair…