FS: 2 modded SF Anni pads, $30 shipped

The face buttons have been modded to 3S default config (R1 = HP, R2 = HK). The art has been replaced with high res laminated art despite the pic quality.

I’ve had 5 of these things and these are the only two i liked the corners on. The buttons feel like new since i didnt really use them much (chun has had maybe 3 games played on her, sean i’ve only used for about a month.) There is one other scratch on sean along the front that is not pictured here.

These guys see no action any more, so hopefully a pad warrior will come along to give them a nice home. I accept paypal only and i’m willing to sell them seperately ($15). Continental US only please. Thanks for lookin!

bump for novelty

how do they play? can’t remember if the pads got a good or bad review.

not to kill poon’s thread but I HATED these pads. They make wonderful display items though.

what was bad about them?

yeah, they’re not great. totally a starter pad. but this is just if you compare em to saturn pads or the horribly broken sf anni pads that are out there. I had a bison, akuma, and guile pad and the diagonals were totally unresponsive.

The other big problem is that the buttons are hard to break in, so you might miss the occasional EX move or triangle jump. For the price and availability tho I had no problem adapting to them, and neither have a few other people i’ve seen ( i play keyboard style with index, middle, and ring fingers). i’ve got no time to play these days tho, so no need for em.

if you’re unsure about how these perform i would suggest saving up for a saturn pad. the buttons are nice and loose and the pad is very smooth. i’m only expecting to sell to someone who already likes anni pads and wouldnt mind default buttons plus a decent d-pad.

better yet get a stick!

better yet, quit playing video games loser! haha!

poon: that’s only the XBOX pads. The PS2 pads as a whole were fine, but the XBOX pads had a way worse rubber for the depressing…


that chun looks sexy… let me ask, how are the PS2 pads? because I just might buy it.

Will it work with a USB adapter? I don’t have a PS2 anymore

pffft who needs a ps2 when you have 3S on mame

Hmm, weird. I coulda sworn the ps2 akuma had problems too, but it’s been a while.

With all adapters it depends on what kind you have. Most adapters need a dual shock style pad or you get delay, and this is technically a digital pad. I have a radio shack adapter and i get a really small bit of input delay. i’m sure the magic box or whatever those 3in1’s are would work with it.

pfft who needs a trading outlet when you have allowance from mommy! usb adapters with ps2 pads?? god the pc already comes with a controller… the keyboard! wake up dummies!

yeha, i have a USB one frmo radio shack.

slight delay = low tier. Thanks for the response.