FS: 2 Namco Sticks, Modded Hori Fighting Stick 2

Hey guys,

I’m once again clearing out some stuff. So I’m selling a few sticks now. I’ll put up some more threads in the near future but I figure these would be a good start. Prices are for within the US. PayPal preferred.

If I get interest from multiple parties within the same DAY (12:00am to 11:59pm) then it will go to the higher offer. I don’t see this happening so don’t get too worried about it. Any questions, feel free to AIM or PM.

First up is a rare MINT boxed Namco Stick for PS. This is the special Soul Edge Edition that was only released in Japan. It comes with some bonus stuff that was in the original package. There are stickers and a bunch of high quality pictures of the characters. Take a look at the picture! It is MINT!






Price: SOLD

Next up is a modded Namco Stick for PS. This baby was modded just a couple weeks ago because I was bored. It has a Sanwa JLF and 6 OBSF-30 buttons (with qucik disconnects). The color scheme is to show the 4 main Tekken buttons.

The shaft is long because of the shallow depth of the case BUT if you’d like me to do some modding and switch out parts with the original Hori stick, I can do that free of charge.

If you’d like a plexi layer so that you can put on your own artwork, I can do that but it will cost extra.



Price: $120 shipped within the US

Last up for this thread is a Hori Fighting Stick 2 mod. I did this the same time as the Namco mod. It have Sanwa JLF and 6 OBSF-30 buttons. The PCB was swapped for a Sony digital PS1 PCB and wired up with quick disconnects. Also, as you can tell, it comes with custom art that is protected under a plexi top layer.



Price: SOLD


Good thing I got a new Nam stick off eBay.

I might send it to you for some work in the near future but this is def a good buy people!

I want that Namco stick. Unmodded.


I’ll paypal you $$ this weekend :P.

is the custom namco + plexi using screw-in buttons? the reason i ask is because i don’t see screws.

Master Chibi: There have been others interested as well. I will contact all the interested parties tomorrow. I may just go by time of interest instead of doing highest bidder. Highest bidder gets to be a bit annoying to deal with. Either way I’ll PM you tomorrow.

tech_throw!: The custom Namco does NOT have plexi. I said that I would make it for extra money if someone wants it. Also, I listed the parts for both mods and they are both OBSF-30 which is the snap-in code.

The HFS2 mod does have plexi but still uses snap-ins. Contrary to what most people think, screws and screw-ins are not always necessary to “hold down” plastic. I use 2-3mm thick plastic and that is rigid enough to stay down on it’s own. It was made flat so it will want to stay flat until you bend it purposely. Also it’s perfectly cut so there is no extra material that could get caught. If someone wanted me to add screw for their own piece of mind, I could do it for them.



Damn it. I will seriously buy it tomorrow if you want the money asap, god I want that stick.

Interested in the un-modded stick if Chibi and any other person falls through on deal.

Any word on that Namco stick?

I’m REALLY fiending for it.

Hey Chibi, currently your offer is the highest but I haven’t gotten all responses. That’s why my PM said that I will respond to everyone tomorrow morning. That gives people one day to get their offers in. Be a bit patient : D


Sorry, I’m like itching to just have this thing in my hands by like next week.

I’ll wait till tomorrow.


Unmodded Namco Stick goes to Master Chibi! I will send it out ASAP. Maybe tomorrow if I have time after the wedding I have to attend.




HFS2 mod is sold, only the Namco mod is left. : D