FS:2 New In box Saturn Virtual On Twin Sticks/ Agetec Stick/ DC Twin Shooter

Hello Again got few rare items for sale and quick sell too.

All my items are for first come first serve.

I got 2 new in box Sega Saturn Virtual On twin Sticks with manuals.
Price 70 dollars each Shipped

One DC Twin Shooter mint condition and rare too. Just found out middle gray buttons is seimitsu or sanwa button. Also both joystick has seimitsu pcb or full stick. Model is LS-56-01 which when i saw it i was shocked to found out all internals parts are high brands.

Price 75 Dollars Shipped

Mint Agetec Stick great for fighting games on DC console.

Price 50 Dollars Shipped


Means it is one of the early defective models.

I dont know about that! i tried playing with the stick and everything worked well and all the buttons worked pressed all together.

Still haven’t had a chance to get to those messages I sent you…

Me want VSHG! PMed…

Just so everyone knows, I’m getting the VSHG. Sorry folks :slight_smile:

Damn too slow! Let me know if he falls through Meus, I got the money on stand by right now!

Update: Someone else got this, not I. It’s all good tho.

VSHG sold

Meus is cool with me…lol. I’ll catch you on the next sale.

Sorry about that Ann like i said will hook u up on my next VSHG stick.

Pmed u and dont know why the bad language for.


Are the Twin Sticks still availble meus?

Yes they are T1Billion. IF u need anything else please let me know.

bump price drop.

How much for all three Twin Sticks, Meus?