FS: (2) Sealed Ipod Nano 5th Gen 8GB (Video Recording)


135 each shipped. price is firm i won’t budge.


How the hell do you have so many ipods Al?


i’ve been dabbing into whole sale electronics lately so i’ve been getting alot of ipod stuff. trust me i dont get much off new ipods at all.


Dammit why couldn’t you have a 16BG one. Good luck with the sale though.


thanks Strida. If you’re looking for a large ipod on the 2nd page i have a 32 gb itouch for sale.


dude how much money do you have… xD


not enough, man. seriously not enough.



It makes sense, too, lol.

Ah, I was about to get my girlfriend one of these, but in a quick fire question she chose pink. Do you happen to have a pink one laying around? I feel like I can confidently ask you this question because you probably have spare itouches or something… xD


i’ve got a pink 3rd gen 8gb. it’s in used shape but screen is in good condition. it’s like pink/red but it looks pink.

only looking for 72 shipped for that one. and it’s the one that plays video.


Awwwh, she already has that one, looking to upgrade her, haha. Thanks so much, though. :smiley:

If you do ever come by a 4th or 5th gen(preferably 5th, I really don’t care but she does, :rofl:) ipod, let me know, bud. Peace! :smiley:


no problem, anytime dude.