FS: 2 Tekken 5 Sticks 1 Modded SFA Stick

Hey guys I noticed that after my last purchase I now own 7 Sticks. Time to let some go. Here is what I have

2 Mint condition barely used TEKKEN 5 Hori Sticks. These are perfect and have no issues $70 shipped each in the US. (1 STICK SOLD)


1 Mint condition Street Fighter anniversary Stick for PS2/XBOX modded with red happ concave in a 6 button array and two button plugs. All the buttons are moved over with the L1 and the L2 plugged( can switch to buttons on request) Also installed a Happ Compotition Joystick. Tested and works on both systems. $100 shipped. I will also switch it out to Sanwa Snap Red Buttons if requested

If you would like some feedback on me look up me on ebay: filldoh


I post pics tonight.

I just figured most people know what these look like, that is why I didnt post them before.

sorry for spamming your thread with a dumb question but on the SFA stick what kind of gate does it come with out the box? is it round or square like the hori gates?

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Technically speaking, Happ Competition joysticks don’t have gates. The boundaries of its movement feel pretty circular, even too smooth to be octagonal. In reality, I believe it’s a square with very (deeply) rounded corners.

To the seller, is it the old-school Happ Comp? Or a new Happ Comp, or an iL Euro?

Not sure if it the Old School or the new happ. how would i tell?

I think the easy way you can tell is if the actuator is whiteish, chances are it’s an older one. If it has a black actuator, chances are it’s a newer one.

There are tons more info in this thread if you want to read into more…

Just included Pictures

price lowered on the sfa stick

Why not dustwasher? You can also tell if it’s an iL stick if the dustwasher matches the stick color.

the actuator is black hope that helps. Ive used it several times NP doing 360’s with zangief

That’s the new, bad one.

I have an old one I could switch it out with if anyone wishes

One more day and it is going on ebay.

One Tekken stick sold

will switch out the buttons on the Street fighter stick with Sanwa red buttons for no charge.

Sanwa Buttons don’t fit.

Sanwa snapin push buttons do, I have already tried it and it works like a dream.

they fit just fine.

filldoh ygpm

Lowered price on Street Fighter stick

Damn, if I wasent broke I would snatch up both of those.