FS: 2005 Byrdo Stick [pending]



[Edit] Someone has given me an offer. I will change the status to “sold” if/when everything goes through.

I tried to sell this 2 years ago, but the guy I sold it to flaked out on me. I’m visiting my parent’s house for a week or two, so I thought that I’d give it another shot while I am in the area. I’ve reduced the price by $50.

This is one of Byrdo’s earlier sticks from 2005. At the time that I got it, it was his thinnest work. It has 24mm Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa stick, an octagonal gate, and a PSX PCB. It also has a black felt bottom. I believe that it uses an Astro City 2P layout, as seen here.

I tested the stick a few times when I first got it just to make sure that it was working properly. I mained another custom stick and this was just too pretty for me to want to use.

I believe that I paid over $320 when I originally picked it up. I’m willing to let it go for $130 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.

If you don’t know why Byrdo’s sticks come at a premium, you can learn more about him here:






[s]130 shipped? what really?

I want.

fun fact: this was the stick i was trying to get from him and was gunna be my first stick but someone took it off him, guess that was you haha[/s]

actually i might not be able to do it, if someone wants to buy it let them but ill check back on friday


Awe… Now I feel bad…


any side shots?


I’ll see if I can take a few pictures of the sides later today or tomorrow.