FS: 2xLS-32, 4xOBSF-24, 2xMadcatz Gamestick PCB


I have some parts for sale, due to the release of the SF Fight Stick and my project changing. Originally, I was going to make boxes and wire things up, but then I got lazy and quit. Now, I need to get different joysticks and recoup some of my costs.

Anyway, I have these parts and they are all brand new, besides clicked a few times:
LS-32 Red - $15 plus shipping
LS-32 White - $15 plus shipping
2xOBSF-24 Snap-in Red - $1.50ea plus shipping
2xOBSF-24 Snap-in White - $1.50ea pus shipping
Madcatz Arcade Gamestick bare PCB - $12 plus shipping
Madcatz Arcade Gamestick with stripped screws still functioning - $12 plus shipping

If there is interest in the second Madcatz stick, I can drill out the screws to get the PCB out. The Madcatz sticks have common grounds and large contact areas for soldering, so they are a builder’s dream.

Package deals can be made, just let me know. Also I’m shipping from the US.

i am interested i could use everything though my primary want is the ls 32’s


Empty, would you be happy with $60 shipped for everything? Also, do you want me to drill out the stripped screws in the Madcatz? I will check it for damage once I get the PCB out, if so.

i would do 50 for everything or just take both the ls’s for 30

I’m interested in a ls32 and two buttons if they’re not taken

Interested in the white ls32 and a madcatz pcb.

Sold to djhyro, $60 for everything!

oh crap i wanted to buy everything…If he doesn’t pay let me know