FS: 3 more Hitbox Metal Panels and soon $10 Plexi


Hey been meaning to put this up for awhile so no time like the present.

I have some blklightning replacements that I want to get off my hands since they are just collecting dust.

3 SE hitbox panels
all sold

2 TE hitbox panels

They are both stock versions but one has the full version plexi and the other has a normal sized slimmer version plexi.
Full version plexi -$45 SOLD
Slim version plexi -$40

1 Q4 hitbox panel

This is another stock version with the included plexi -$45

1 Hori V3 Hitbox panel

Stock version hitbox panel with included plexi - $40

2 WII TVC sticks(unopened)
Both Sold

Always first come first serve

The "Stickless Arcade Stick" Thread
Is It Possible To Swap the Metal Panel in a SE/Brawlstick?

Im interested in a TE one…pics please…


@Choppaholic I will post the pics tomorrow


Wouldnt happen to have a plate without the turbo cut out??..either a SE or TE


Unfortunately the only plate without the turbo cut out would be the stainless steel one that is pictured above but it was just sold.


Crap…I didnt see that till now…


Are those prices shipped?


They are not including shipping.


PM sent!


Only Slim TE hitbox left and one SE hitbox left. Q4 and V3 hitbox are also still available.
I just realized I also never posted pic of Q4 hitbox will do so in a bit.

I will hopefully be posting a TE and HRAP case sometime next week as well as I am almost measuring them for something I have in mind.


Empty cases? What would be included?


They will include the sega panels and plexis I bought for them.
Not entirely sure at this point but I am thinking about also including unused jlfs and unused buttons

Also might put up an sfxt case.


Might be interested in the TE case. Holla at cha’ boy. LoL.


Let me know about the case to if ya boy don’t pick it up.


OK so I will hopefully have those sticks up next week. I am almost done doing what I need with them.

For those that are curious, I am going to start offering $10 plexis and also a special $25 plexi if I can work out the kinks.

My friend works at a cnc shop so we have been trying to figure out a way to make cheap plexis available and we are almost there.

If all goes well, I will be able to sell TE full and normal plexis, VS plexis, Sfxt plexis, V3 plexis, and hrap plexis for just $10 and maybe a special stick plexi for $25.

Will keep updated


Could you do the Hori DoA5/SCV5/TTT2 stick plexis? In color or only clear?


Actually yes, I forgot to add that to my last post.
We still trying to get everything together and get the price correct but I dont believe any of those plexis will be more than 12.

The only plexis that may be 12 are the TE full, Vs, and Hori SCV, however I am trying to keep them at 10.

Also shipping will be first class, so only a couple bucks.


So all the new model Hori sticks will be covered. That’s great. Will I be able to get black plexi or white plexi? I’m assuming that you are talking about 1/16 inch plexi, correct?


I believe everything will be the slimmer 1/32" and clear. I can probably get a couple 1/16"s cut. No color options as of now.

The way I am going to be able to have everything as cheap as possible is to have everything cut at once. So I will probably have 10 of each to begin with. This also means I will be able to ship soon after recieving payment as long as I can make it to the PO of course.


I forgot to let you know I received the order. Finally had a chance to use those fightsticks! Thank you!!! Now I just need to upgrade the stock components and I will be good to go! :smiley: