FS: 30gb Ipod Video and Eytomic ER6I Canal earphones

Black 30gb iPod video with all original accessories plus wall charger, silicon skin case, and tv out cable. Moderate scratches. I used it very carefully before getting the skin and screen protector. I can take pictures upon request.


And also. A pair of Etymotic ER6i. These sound better than the Shure e3c and cost less. Much better isolation and details in the mids. The best IEMs you can buy under $120. Comes with extra filters (6), foams(2), and pouch. The extra filters and foams themselves cost $15/pkg.

Wow, amazing price for the ipod considering all the accessories include.

Good Luck selling. I’m sure it will go quick

I’m interested in the iPod. PM sent.

iPod sold

pm sent for headphones.


Just picked up the package today, everything was in great condition. Nice doing business with you, DF. :]

Good to hear. Enjoy your iPod!

$76?? did you need crack money :lol:


good shit to whoever got it

$76 is for the earphones, not the iPod. :slight_smile:


reading comprehension bests me again.

I’ll get you some day shakes fist**

$65 for the canal phones

buy buy buy