FS : 30mm Forstner Bit


I accidentally orderd two 30mm Forstner bits :bluu: however, I only need one

Its perfect for 30mm Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons.

I paid 22.98 shipped, but my loss is your gain… ill let it go for $17.00 shipped.

Brand New, Unopened

PM me if youre interested.



Thanks for posting a picture. I was wondering what these looked like. Woodcraft doesn’t have accurate pictures.


are these better than spade bits for wood and plexi?


These are awesome for wood and plexi. I just bought one for my last stick and they go through plexi like a cream dream. The one I have is like 4 times the height of that though in regards to the wider cutting cylinder part. They make perfect holes for mounting Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons or for where the stick goes.


Sold :slight_smile: