FS: 360 Broken Sanwa modded Madcatz SFIV SE stick & Blazblue

This forum doesn’t seem to have a place to sell so I’m listing here. Toss me a pm if you’re interested or email to alucardr@comcast.net. I’m located in NJ.


  • Sanwa JLF-8YT 8 way stick
  • Six Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons
  • Headset adapter
    -Will include original buttons/joystick & white ball top. The two white buttons on the arcade stick are the only two that are unmodded. The black are all Sanwa. The stick won’t turn on at all, died on me after two weeks of play. I don’t have the knowledge or resources to repair it so I’m selling. This cost me $130 total with parts.

Asking - -$50 shipped

  • Blazblue (NTSC-J). Will work on US/Canadian systems as well, full english voice/text

$50 shipped


I accept Paypal or if you’re local, can meet up in person.

In before the lock. We have The trading Outlet (http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=226). Scroll down on the forum list. But rules dictate that you can not sell as an 09 member until you have 6 months under your belt.

Wrong section man.
We do have a Trading Outlet.

But you can’t sell now.
Feel free to stick around with us.
And when November hits, you can sell.

The forum most definitely has a place to sell (link), however it is written in the rules of the Trading Post forum that you must have your account for 6 months before being able to post things for sale.

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