FS: 360 Comic-Con TE, PS3 Replacement Panel TE

Comic-Con TE, in box. SOLD!!!

PS3 MVC TE w/ Art’s full panel top replacement, bottom plexi, acrylic jlf mount, seimitsu buttons, ls32 spring, round gate and uv-reactive wire sheathing. $115 shipped OBO


How much use does that comic con stick have? How about trading it for a sealed 360 Femme Fatale TE stick?

Ive used it twice before putting back in box and storage. No trades though. Trying to get a VLX.


Price Drop

Will accept ls56 and or chimp as partial trade.

are you selling the SE MArvel Case?

Yuppers :slight_smile:

do you still have the metal panel that you replaced in the ps3 te?

I do :slight_smile:

So how much is the Marvel Case?

Will trade for vshg. And to above poster, the marvel stick is the clear one, but come with all original art and top plate.

You willing to sell the marvel top plate and art by itself? = P



$150 shipped

140 obo


Pd :-/