FS:360/Wii/PS3 games, Controllers, and Gundam Model Kits

Add $3 shipping to any item, payment should be made through paypal. I will send the item no later than 48hrs after the payment is sent. Will consider discounts if you buy multiple items. PM me, post here, or email me at fc10@fsu.edu.

PS3 Games:
Transformers War for Cybertron: $20
Killzone 2: $10
Fifa Street 3: $6
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2: $20
Littlebigplanet: $13
Call of Duty Black Ops HARDENED EDITION: $50

Metal Slug Anthology: $10
Link’s Crossbow training: $5

Xbox 360
NCAA Football 2009: $5

Metal Gear Solid 2: $5
Fable: $5

Gamestop black Xbox360 controller: $13

NCAA Football 2011
Halo Reach
Mass Effect 2
Super Paper Mario
Resistance 2

Check your PM for MSA (Wii), thx!

Wish you would have posted this like a week ago before I bought Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 for 45. :expressionless:

gl with the sale though.

PM Returned.

Bah, oh well : (

Mass Effect 2 and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 are on hold.

Mass Effect, Resistance 2, and Super Paper mario sold.

Bump, Price Drops.

NCAA Football 2011 sold.

Final price drops. PM if interested. Also added Black Ops Hardened Edition.



is that gamestop black controller wired/wireless? and still available?

It is wired, and still available.

Got my game on Friday. Legit seller here!