FS: 3rd Strike JAMMA system


Complete CPS3 Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike JAMMA PCB system. Includes the following-

CD ROM Drive
Power Cable (to drive)
Communication Cable (to drive)
3rd Strike disk
3rd Strike Encryption Cart (dead)

This is the complete system. The encryption cart is DEAD. All other pieces are complete and working. The cart can be revived or use this as a spare system. I have run this set-up using a friends Encryption Cart to test all functions.

This is an original release version (unblockables work!).

Will ship anywhere in continental USA for total price of $150. Payment via PayPal preferred.

Thanks for looking,



dammit i really wish i had some extra money lying around. hope you are able to sell it!


Not to hinder your sale… but IIRC the cps3 carts cannot be pheonixed.


it can’t be phoenixed, but it can be revived.


Yeah, they can be revived for sure. Good luck with this one! That’s the best price I’ve seen for a 3S rig.


Yes, the cart can be revived. The price I have listed is low due to this fact and is a list price I have for my fellow SRK members. I plan on listing this on eBay soon if it does not sell here.

A little back history-

I purchased this kit slightly used back in 2000. It was used at ECE2000 at The Break and in later years at Final Round. The cart died about one year ago and I don’t really play as much as I used to and I’ve been wanting to sell off all my old arcade gear to fund newer hobies!

Thanks for looking,



any pictures im kinda almost ready to buy it haha


Which region is the game?

IIRC you can revive US carts through an ebay seller. But it can only be revived as the Asia version.
Has anybody discovered a new way to do it?


I think I may have a dead cart as well. Can someone point me in the direction of how to get it revived?


I heard this also. Only revived to Asia version. I would be interested if it could be put back to original.


The version is Japanese.

I have not investigated the region that the cart is revived as.


If it’s the Japanese version, you can send it to Capcom of Japan and they will revive it(for a fee).
I heard you need to be an arcade operator to do so, though.

I know I’ve seen some sites that will send it in for you, but I’m not sure which exact ones.


I’m interested in this and sending you a pm.


Item is sold, close thread