FS: 3x Fightstick Pros and Dual Mod Service in Queens, NY


Hey guys, recently I’ve started doing dual mods for friends and locals in Bayside, NY and would like to extend my services to the SRK community. Here’s an album with some pictures of recent mods that I’ve done - http://imgur.com/a/c5Bkn

My rates are $85 to install a ChimpSMD into an Xbox 360 stick, and $95 to install a Madcatz brawlpad/fightpad and an IMPv2 into a PS3 stick. Those prices include the all of the required PCBs. I can also repair bad dual mod installations for $40-$50 depending on how damaged your PCBs are. If you have a first gen 360 fightstick and are experiencing the LT/RT triggers failing i can install the fix detailed in this thread - MadCatz 360 TE/SE Triggers Problem for free if you are getting the stick dual modded, or $10 otherwise.

I have 3 brand new pre-modded Fightstick Pros available for purchase locally. These were opened only so that i could professionally pre-dualmod them, they are brand new otherwise. The price is $230 each and they will be available for pickup. I have a car and would be willing to meet up somewhere in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County areas if that would help.

Fightstick Pro PS3 - Cross version with IMPv2 and Brawlpad PCB

Fightstick Pro Xbox360 - Line version with ChimpSMD

Fightstick Pro PS3 - Line version with IMPv2 and Fightpad PCB

Pic of all 3

Thanks for looking, i appreciate the support.


Good luck thanks for supporting the NY Scene :slight_smile: Very neat your job :tup:


Thank you for the kind words Bad Boy Brazil, i really appreciate the input from a member of the NY community. I just edited the OP to clarify that my prices include the ChimpSMD or a brawlpad/IMPv2 for the respective installations.


Just added 3 premodded Fightstick Pros that will be available onsite at ECT4.


Out of curiosity, will you be doing pad mods aswell? And if you do, can you mod the Transforming D Pad Xbox pad?


Hi Cibernetico, I don’t have any experience doing pad mods as i just have not had any demand for that kind of work locally. I believe that those pad mods use a standard Cthulhu PCB which the modder then cuts off portions of to make it fit, unfortunately i don’t have any Cthulhu PCBs in stock. Its something that i could look into doing in the future but definitely not possible this weekend. Sorry bud, i wish i could help you out.


Dammit :frowning: oh well, thanks for the reply. Cheers!


Hey guys I am currently at ECT and available to do mods.


ECT4 was great but now i am back and ready to do dual mods in Queens.


Dropped the price on the sticks to $230.