FS: 40 gig external hard drive

40 gigabyte external hard drive for sale, it’s in good condition and I’ll wipe the memory clean when sold. The USB cable that connects it to the computer jiggles loose sometimes but it works well.

Asking 25 bucks + shipping OBO. Post or PM bids.

EDIT: Updated C/O price

ill take it :tup:


I have a PM offer on this as well, I have asked him to post in the thread. If he doesn’t it is yours shoo, if he does he will have to out bid you.

Crappy cell phone pics on the way. =(


If any of these guys fall trough just let me know.

makoto scrub has offered 25 for this. I apologize to everyone who posted previous offers but you can’t blame me for trying to get the most out of it (been hella neg repped, lol wtf?). Pics coming when I’m off work, it’s relatively small, I’m guessing about 6 inches long by 4 wide and 1.5 tall.

Good deal!

Next in line.