FS: 40 Gig Ps3, Games, Randoms

40 Gig Fat Ps3

Selling because I don’t have much times for games and when I do I play on the xbox.

On the harddrive. Arcana Hearts 3, Costume packs for super street fighter (No AE), Warhawk, Puzzle Fighter HD, Alpha 2, ST HDR.

Includes 1 controller, and a shitload of older games,

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, CoD:MW2, SF4, Assasin’s Creed, Rock Band legend Of Rock , NHL 08 and 09, Fifa 08, Resistance 2, MGS4:Guns Of The Patriots, Little Big Planet.

ive decided to include the others

SSF4, Portal 2, MvC3 for a small price raise.

If you want the guitar that comes with rockband that will be extra to cover shipping.

$260 Shipped+PP etc to USA.

Street fighter aniniversary collection for ps2 10 dollars.

ArcadeVGA: Video card for mame machine. 30 dollars

JPAC: 20 dollars.

Pictures to come on the skip.

**6gb triple channel hyperx t1 ram. Prototype (unique model, can’t even google it) 60 dollars. **


I won this at a local contest and I have no use for it.

i was gonna take that but i have it for xbox :slight_smile:

Deleted my post, I already have it on the PS2, lol. I needed the xbox version. Go for it ibeatu.

na i dont need both i can use it on my 360 lol or on my og xbox i dont have a ps2 i was gonna get it to try it on my ps3 to see if it will play bc games it has the ps2 mem card slots i barely use it since i that 1 lol n have no ps2 games so i rather get a game i dont have

what’s the system software version?

probably the latest.

K, thx.

Question: Would you sell vanilla by itself?

fist bump.

I’m assuming this is the b/c version of the ps3?

i have no idea what b/c is, but could you please post more pictures of your avatar

B/c means backwards compatible, able to play ps2 games.

oooh no. More things added

Only the 60gb and some of the 80gb are b/c models. No 40gb are b/c.

Just pointing out, if you don’t have a PS3, this is a hell of a deal with all the games included. I’ve got two PS3’s already, otherwise I’d have to grab this myself.

I have no bites. Not even on CL.

I just don’t touch my ps3 anymore.

Wow can’t even sell a top of the line SSD for ~80 dollars off!

Not even on CL.

everyone must be poor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s Evo time, you know just wasted a shit load on flights and etc.
Try in a week or two.

As for me, I already have an SSD and a PS3.

yah mostly jokes, but I can’t even get an offer on craigslist. vancouver is weird.

last chance before I go on ebay for OMGWTFBBQ CHEAP