FS: 40 Japanese PS2 games, JP 360 stuff, plus

All PS2 games are NTSC-J and come complete.

ANUBIS Zone of the Enders 2 - $25
ANUBIS Zone of the Enders 2 - $25
Metal Slug 3 - $25
Arcana Heart - $25
True Love Story 3 - $10
Gradius V (Korean, art book included) - $40
Katamari Damashii - $25
Ace Combat Zero - $30
Final Fantasy X International - $40
Mr. Mosquito - $30
IQ Remix+ - $40
Super Robot Original Generations Gaiden - $30
Rez - $20
Nights - $30
Pochi and Nya - $25
Sengoku Basara 2 - $30
Raiden 3 - $40
Homura - $30
Shikigami no Shiro II - $40 (sealed)
Gunbird 1 and 2 - $40
Metal Slug 6 - $40
Sakura Taisen Mysterious Paris - $20
Gradius III and IV - $30

Other stuff:

Pop’n Music 14 LE (box, soundtrack, cellphone strap (used)) - $80

Tales of Rebirth - $25
Pop’n 10 - $40
Pop’n 11 - $45
Pop’n 12 - $55

Crackdown - $10
Senko no Ronde - $10
Dead Rising - $20
DMC4 - $20

Tales of Vesperia - $30
Time Leap - $45
Tayutama LE - $50
Clannad - $45
Senko no Ronde LE - $80
Bullet Witch - $20
Earth Defense Force 2017 - $20
Street Fighter IV - $45

Electroplankton Limited Edition (w/ headphones) - $35
Ouendan - $35
Daigasso Band Brothers - $30
Bleach 2nd - $25
Saga 2 (sealed) - $25
Loopop Cube - $25
Kirby Super Ultra Deluxe - $20
Legend of Starfi 4 - $15
Bomberman - $15
Touch Detective (USA) - $10

Rhythm Tengoku for GBA (complete) - $40

Other random stuff without pictures:

Phantom Kingdom LE (game, box, 2 disc soundtrack, etc) - $50
Black (large) Japanese PS2 with component cables - $80
White (slim) Japanese PS2 with official component cables and 220v external power - $150

Prices are unshipped/in USD.
Payment preferably by Paypal Gift, or international money order (far slower, but it’s your choice).
If you live outside of New Zealand, please show an interest in 3 or more: I’m not sending a single game to Italy.
Will consider trades for PCB/s (Cave, Raizing, Capcom).

Added some stuff.

DOJ, Fantasy Zone, Galuda and Shienryu have been sold.

Gitaroo Man One, Gitaroo Man, ICO and SotC sold.

Sending stuff to the USA and price checking for other countries today.

Following games have been sold:

Monster World Complete Collection
Gigawing Generations
Soul Divide and Dragon Blaze
Taito Memories Games + Taito Box

Just for being a fan of Pop n Music!

Free bump!

Tales of Rebirth - $25
Pop’n 10 - $40
Pop’n 11 - $45
Pop’n 12 - $55


Electroplankton Limited Edition (w/ headphones) - $40
Ouendan - $40
Daigasso Band Brothers - $35
Bleach 2nd - $30
Saga 2 (sealed) - $30
Loopop Cube - $30
Kirby Super Ultra Deluxe - $25
Legend of Starfi 4 - $20
Bomberman - $20
Touch Detective (USA) - $15

Paypal GIFT is NOT an option on SRK. Remove that shit.

Look, the rules state that Paypal Gift is perfectly acceptable providing both buyer and the seller agree, and if the buyer wishes to use something other than Paypal Gift, the seller has to oblige. Thanks for making me read some impossibly long FAQ, when it turns out it’s totally fine.

I’ve edited the thread to say “preferably by” Paypal Gift. I hope this helps.

I’m already selling these below Amazon.com’s prices (for US material) and below Play-Asia’s prices (for JP material). Unless you think sending an international money order to New Zealand is a good idea? I’m all ears.

The problem raised to admins is that using the Gift options removes the possibility for the “gimme my money back” option in case of a screw up or fraud.
Sicne you already read the TOS can you confirm/deny?

I seriously wouldn’t take the time to take pictures and accordingly price stuff to screw people over.

Wasn’t aware that the Gift option cancels out the ability to claim a refund. I don’t ship internationally by Airmail, so everything is tracked and insured, and I’ve never had anything go missing that’s been tracked.

You should note that I’m only shipping internationally if people purchase three or more games, because I’m not filling out custom declarations for a single item–something which I’m not even making a profit on.

If people want to pay by money order, be my guest, but I’m not moving anything until I receive it and it clears.


Rhythm Tengoku for GBA (complete) - $40


I’m sure that all these games are fine, but I just thought I’d post to let everyone know that I bought a PlayStation 2 Pop’n Music controller for $275 from Elixir three years ago and it arrived at my house barely functioning, much less working. He informed me that when he shipped me the controller, it was working fine.

He was later banned from the forum we did this transaction on, so I haven’t talked to him for a long time.

Elixir, I don’t care if you have anything to say about this, I’m just letting everyone know. Honestly, all these games look like they’re in fine condition and I’m sure the controller thing was just a mixup, but I figure information is information.

Let’s also remind everyone that you requested this shipped untracked, uninsured, and by Airmail. Of course it was working when I sent it, but if it was damaged at all, it was the post’s fault. You didn’t want a refund, didn’t want to send it back, and never filed a claim with the post (you couldn’t regardless, since it was Airmail, there’s no insurance).

In any instances like this, I would usually refund half to compensate, providing the buyer proves that it genuinely is faulty. Also the reason why I no longer ship by Airmail, which sums up why I’m only shipping overseas if people buy 3 or more games.

I also remember only having it for a week. The controller might have been on its last legs, I don’t really know, as I only used it a couple of times. I always stuck to using the smaller controller or playing at the arcade.

Anywho, I of course don’t really appreciate three-year-old detrimental information damaging my reputation when you view my current items as “perfectly fine”. If you had a problem with it, you should have said something back then.

Dropped $5 on all DS games.