FS: 4th Gen 20GB IPod & 5th Gen 30 GB Ipod /w Video

FS: 4th Gen 20GB IPod & 5th Gen 30 GB Ipod /w Video updated with pics

I just got myself a new Zune player so its time for me to get rid of these.

4th Gen 20GB IPod:
Still have original box. Only have the wall charger, firewire cable, and usb cable. no headphones because they broke a while back (plus they were shitty quality anyways). The Player itself has scratches from being used almost everyday, but the player itself works fine.

  • Price: $80 shipped





5th Gen 30Gb Ipod /w Video:
Still have original box (i think, ill check when i get home tonight). Comes with the USB data cable. Again no headphones cuz they are garbage. The player itself works great. There are cosmetic issues on it though, there is a scratch on the click wheel but it does not effect the fuction, still works. Also scratches from dialy use in my pcket etc.

  • Price: SOLD

nice :tup:

i got a zune too

good luck with your sales

Gonna need pics.

Since I have a PSP I’m not sure if I should get this since Ipods have so many problems with them.

Pics please!!! :smiley:

pics posted. i tried to get the scratch to show up better on the click wheel of the 30GB IPod but it wont show up in the pic :shake:

PM sent about 30 gig

30GB sold, but the 20GB one is still up for grabs!