FS: 5x Brand New HRAP2 [sold out]

Edit of original post

I got 5 HRAP brand new for sale.


Can also put in Sanwa buttons, all you pay is an additional $5 for me to put them in and the cost of the parts.




im pretty sure alot of people would be very interested

very interested.

Just received 6 ready to ship.

Your Custom Stick - Joystick location

disregard this post. I meant to send a PM.

Are the original buttons no good? Or do people just prefer Sanwas?

most people prefer Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons over the Hori ones.

5 HRAP2 left

bump, lowered price.

heavens urth.

pm sent

Pm Sent

Wow…count me in.

1 sold, 2 on hold, so only 2 left. All pms replied.

sent ya another PM

getting tons of pms and i cant clear my inbox faster than I;m getting them -_-. For the msot part seems liek they are all either sold or on hold. Waiting on replies from some people. If my inbox is full you can try emailing me directly at shishio AT gmail DOT com or hit me up on aim.

Seriously interested. Since your box is full, I e-mailed you.

Attention Peolpe Who Paid Me Via Paypal


People who sent payments via paypal. I have no clue who is who so please Email me at **SHISHIO **AT **GMAIL **DOT COM with your paypal name and your SRK handle so i can get working on the sticks. Thank you.

Interesting if any of my sales go through ill be picking one of these up…

do you have any left, urth?