FS: 6 used sanwa OBSF-30 (screw in) buttons

Two of these aren’t as 100% reliable as I want them to be, they’re more like 90%, which might not matter to you if you aren’t a tournament player, but for me I want to know I can rely on my buttons to activate as soon as I even flick them. They work 100% of the time if you press them firmly.

Also, they feel regular and normal, not gummy at all, so they are probably easily fixable if you take them apart.

The other 4 buttons are 100% perfect and reliable, but well used.

I will take ten bucks shipped for these, good opportunity for you guys just getting into SFIV to get some real arcade parts, they are for sure better than piece of crap hori buttons. :smile:

what color?

Yellow! :tup:

ok i’ll take them then & if you cant get anyone to get your dreamcast PCB i’ll take that too…

How about you do local pickup for the buttons, pcb, and the bottom of the SFAC for 25 sometime soon then?