FS: 8-button MAS Super Pro stick

Used MAS Super Pro stick for sale, perfect working condition.



  • Perfect 360 stick (optical, doesn’t ‘click’)
  • Competition convex buttons
  • PlayStation Dual Shock PCB

I’m asking $120 US shipped for USA residents. International shipping will be done through USPS Global Express Mail only (international buyer pays the additional shipping charge). PM me if interested; first come, first serve.


  • The stick has not been modified in any way. I selected the parts when I bought it and used it as-is.

this is a good deal for a mas 360

Is that the new P360 (u know the crappy one) or the Old one?? also check your PM.

Is it possible that you can post a pic of the inside too? I’m curious to know what kind of P360 is inside that Mas.

I’ll take it.

The stick was sold. Thanks, everyone.